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World’s oldest solar panel unveiled in Birmingham

worlds oldest solar panel

Hibernating for some 60 good years, the world’s oldest solar panel built by a British science teacher has come out of the standby mode. Antique dealer Fred Nickson unveiled it at yesterday’s Antiques for Everyone show at Birmingham’s NEC. Still in working condition, the crystal-ball-shaped panel produces 1.5 volts of electricity that is just enough to power a digital watch.

Nickson said…

It is similar to a solar panel you would get today, it uses a mineral called selenium to convert sunlight into electricity. But it has negative and positive versions of the mineral like Ohl’s patented model.

As is revealed by available records, the solar technology was first introduced in 1883 when Charles Fritts built the first solar cell. Anyhow, created back in 1950, the solar panel discussed above is the world’s first modern day solar panel that requires direct sunlight to produce electricity.

Via: Daily Mail