Five of the world’s most radical recycling projects

Radical recycling projects

The technology has taken a step forward and introduced its best invention; the recycling stuff. The world of recycling has so evolved that there is practically no stopping to this unique green change. The recycling process is very necessary as it makes something cool and useful out of products which are considered to be a mere waste. This recycling procedure has given a new dimension to the complete garbage product list and this unique green change is highly appreciated for what it delivers. Many people out there have tried their way of transforming the garbage products into useful stuffs. There are plenty of such recycled products in the world. Some of them are really stunning and freaking awesome. They not only provide a green nature but also leave a message of the ways these garbage products can be effectively used. Here we are with a list of five of the world’s most radical recycling projects which are creating a buzz around. Have a look!

1. Temple made completely out of beer bottles

Temple made completely out of beer bottles

The Buddhist people out there in Thailand are really creative and have made an awesome temple out of recycled products. These people are the real nature lovers and have used the very common beer bottles to make a temple out of it. The beer bottles are one of the major waste products and there was practically no way of converting them into something useful. But, the people of Thailand are just awesome and they made this stunning temple just out of beer bottles. This temple is made using more than a million beer bottles of various colors. The surface and the sides are basically made using the green bottles and the main way path is made using the brown beer bottles. By making this cool temple, the monks of Thailand have successfully used the unwanted beer bottles and have also created a useful structure out of it.

2. Awesome bridge made completely out of recycled paper tubes

Bridge Made of Recycled Paper Tubes

The cardboard tubes are one of the major products which are found in the garbage list of items. These cardboard tubes are actually strong but are not used on a large scale to make something cool out of it. Now, the Japanese architect Shigeru Ban has constructed an awesome bridge by making use of only recycled cardboard tubes. These cardboard tubes offer good durability and thus were preferred to make this bridge. This awesome green bridge is constructed over the Gardon River in southern France. The best part is that it is made completely out of cardboard tubes and is completely eco-friendly. The durability of the bridge is so good that it can afford 20 people at a single time.

3. Outdoor gallery consisting of stunning sculptures

Outdoor gallery consisting of stunning sculptures

Artist Richard Tracy has made an awesome attempt at the green recycling and this attempt of his is highly appreciated in terms of both design and concept. The artist is thus known as ‘Rich Art’ and is famous for outdoor arts which he usually makes out of recycled products. He has opened an outdoor gallery where he has kept the best of his works. The artist is into the world of recycling from past 20 years and has transformed some of the cool sculptures out of recycled items. The artist used to collect trash from the neighbor’s house and also from the street garbage box and used them effectively to make some cool sculptures.

4. ‘Forevertron’: The scrap metal park


Here is a doctor turned artist who is so famous for his exceptional artwork. This man is a real nature lover who has made so many stunning sculptures out of recycled products. He has actually opened a park of his own where he has kept some of his most awesome works. The park is named Forevertron and consists of series of sculptures which are made mostly out of engine parts and metal stuffs. These parts are joined into various shapes and structures that really look awesome. This park is located in Wisconsin and is worth of having a glance.

5. The Rock Garden

The Rock Garden

Chandigarh is the place known for its awesome artworks and Nek Chand is the man behind those stunning artworks. Nek Chand is known for creating awesome sculptures which are made completely out of recycled products. These products are not only awesome in design but are also completely eco-friendly. He has made a garden in Chandigarh which consists of all his artworks which includes the awesome sculptures of animals, humans, dancers, etc. This garden is still on with its process of recycling and in future we might get to see some more stunning recycled products.

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