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Xtrema Nano Glaze non-stick cookware

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Non stick cook ware remains slick while cooking your favorite meals as they are usually coated with a whole host of chemicals, with Teflon being the most common one.


Many consumers are unaware of these coatings and what they contain, manufacturers also warn against ingesting nay of the compounds once they begin to flake off or wear down. Ceramcor Xtrema’s new range of Nano Glaze cooking utensils are coated with a ceramic glaze that is ultra then and free of chemicals, the coating is designed to repel fluids and foods.

The utensils also heat faster and retain the desired temperature a lot longer than the usual metal cookware; so they also save on the amount of energy that is consumed while cooking.

You can buy individual pieces that range from the US $ 50 to US $ 100; the utensils are also microwave safe, making them very versatile so you won’t require different vessels for each cooking medium. You an easily buy them from the company website or any other store and get a fifty year warranty against breaking that can result from any cold or hot thermal shock.