Your guide to creating an eco-friendly bedroom


Being ecologically friendly is important to every aspect of my existence, and in the past year I have made individual changes to my consumption and how that impacts on the planet. I am lucky enough to now live on my own – but recently made the move from living in a share house. It can be really frustrating when you have made some lifestyle changes for the greater good, but when you go to explain your choices rationally in terms of money saving, no one cares or it doesn’t become a habit for all of your fellow housemates. It can be really hard to get people to change a behaviour, but I think it is important to keep at it and try to stick to your guns. I remember one time I was feeling down because my veggie patch was looking a bit sad. My housemates did not buy a sulphate free washing detergent, and although they thought they were doing the right thing by using the ‘grey water’ to water the garden, they actually covered my beautiful greens in soap and chemicals.


What grew from this was a desire to create a haven. I had to think, what was the one room in the house where I could do whatever I liked? Where I felt safe away from the world and where I could close the door, sigh deeply and relax? Yep you got it, the bedroom. It is your haven, your safe place. Why should you not create a magical eco eden just for you?


Setting up your space!

First of all, let us start with the bed, as we all know a good night’s sleep makes us happy, so we need to consider practicality as well as comfort. After doing some research into eco mattresses, it is hard to find a solution where the production has no impact, and although I’m dedicated, I do not see myself sleeping on a bamboo mattress for more than a week. Therefore, I started looking at the environmental policies of companies and I found that Oz Mattress has a great policy and offsets their carbon footprint, therefore they are a great place to start.


Now who loves climbing into bed after a long hard day and sinking into their fresh, clean, crisp sheets? It is an amazing feeling right? Okay, well what could improve that feeling? It is hard to beat but I can….organic sheets. It gives you that extra enjoyment that your sheets are not made of plastics or polyesters, that they originate from an organic plant and for that extra touch, why not source some sheets that are made using the offsets from plants like hemp


It may be an obvious suggestion, but making the most out of your natural light is a great way to be eco-friendly, and when the evening is upon us, making sure you are switching on your low energy lamps will most certainly give you a sense of fulfillment. When our bodies are exposed to too much harsh unnatural light, it can affect our sleeping patterns, which is not the what we are aiming for in our eco-eden.


Last but not least was the enjoyment and beauty of adding indoor plants into my bedroom. Not only are they decorative but they also have purpose beyond that. I would suggest that you do your research and search around for the best option for you, as certain plants produce a higher quantity of oxygen (sometimes referred to as oxygen plants). These are a natural way to make your room eco-friendly and by increasing your oxygen levels, it can only give benefits your brain and body.


Oxygen improves your brain functionality – and who knows, you might come up with even better ways of convincing your housemates to be environmentally conscious! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy your eco bedroom eden as much as I am right now.


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