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Your roadmap to an efficient and green toilet

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Water scarcity has become an alarming situation at many places. It is like a warning for human being to stop wasting water and start conserving it, or else, face draught like conditions everywhere on planet earth.

save water

If people continue wasting water like this, it would not be far when all of us will have to crave for even a glass of water let alone using it freely as we do today. Many nations have adopted policies that encourage people to conserve water by making their water usage efficient. We can call ourselves efficient water users if we fulfill all our water requirements with the least amount of water.

Why high efficiency toilets are essential

high efficiency toilets

One area where people waste a lot of water every day is their toilet. Toilets in majority of the homes are the traditional ones that use too much of water, which is a sheer waste. Every human being should make some efforts to make their toilets efficient so that it consumes just about the right amount of water and no wastage. They should replace their old toilets with the high efficiency toilets (like the Toto ultramax ii) that consume little or the right amount of water it flushes every time. This action can make your toilet a green toilet, and would allow you to do your own bit to save water.

A high efficiency toilet can save you a lot of money in terms of a major reduction in your water bill. The old and inefficient toilets waste a lot of water that flows down to sewage treatment plants. Such massive amount of waste water in the plant calls for increased operating energy and costs, which is again wastage of funds. On the other hand, if every person promises to use as little water as possible, there will be no need to spend so much of money on the operation of sewage treatment plants. Moreover, if people start using water carefully, there will be no burden on the limited water supplies.

Water efficient toilet options

Water efficient toilet

Three options you get in water efficient toilets – single flush, dual flush, and pressure assist toilets. The single flush toilets use just 1.6 gallons per flush, which is quite a good saving. Many countries have made it mandatory for people to add single flush toilets to their homes. Then comes the dual flush toilet, it uses 1.6 gallons of water to flush solid and only 0.8 to 0.9 gallon to flush liquids. This system is a major savior that saves wastage of water largely.

The pressure-assist toilet option is a superb technology that generally you will find in all good hotels and commercial buildings. This system consists of a toilet tank that houses a plastic pressure tank inside. The pressure tank compresses air inside with the help of pressure present in the water supply. As the system fills with water, it traps and compresses air inside. When someone flushes the toilet, the compressed air forces the water into the bowl. This technique of pressure compression and building inside creates a vigorous flushing action that cleans the waste efficiently with just a gallon per flush.

The Toilet Leaks

Toilet Leaks

Yet another thing you all can do to make your toilet an eco-friendly toilet. Besides flushing system, the toilet leaks contribute a lot to the water wastage in toilets. Everybody must ensure there are no leaks in the toilet that cause tremendous wastage of water. The main parts and spots in the toilet that experience leakage are water supply line, the flapper, and the wax ring under the toilet.

Not everybody can remodel their toilet overnight to make it green but they certainly can check for leakages that cause a lot of water wastage in the toilet. Single or the dual flush system is perfect if you want minimum or no water wastage to take place in your toilet.