Zero energy green home generates more power than it consumes

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Coming at a million-dollar-plus price tag the eco friendly house built by the couple Shawna and Sherwood Johnson takes your breath away by its sustainable building practices and products. Designed by FortyEighty Architecture the under construction green home features a geothermal heat pump to keep the interiors warm using 50 percent less energy than a conventional heating/cooling system.

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The house has an insulated concrete foundation with structured insulated paneling under the recycled standing-seam metal roof. To increase the energy efficient quotient very soon the green home would be installed with 34, 3-by-5 foot solar panels that will produce up to 8,400 kilowatt hours of energy a year.

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The net zero house that is expected to generate as much energy as it uses would also feature radiant heating under the concrete floors, bamboo flooring, slanted overhangs to block the sun in summers and harness it in winters and automated clerestory windows to admit natural light without heating up the rooms. The super insulated envelope spreading across 4,300 square feet of living space expects to sell extra energy that it generates to the main grid.

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Via: Post-Gazette

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