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Zion eco friendly wooden earbuds promise to recreate a musical magic around you

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Music can transform one’s mood in a jiffy, especially, if you’re hearing it through beautiful, well-crafted ear phones. What happens if these ear phones are absolutely eco friendly, boast of authentic sound delivery and are built from FSC certified wood? Zion ear buds have been designed in a manner to ensure maximum customer satisfaction as never before, even to the extent of enjoyment when plugged in. Transform your world with the clarity of music flowing through your ears, while the ear buds deliver a frequency of 20 Hz to 20+ kHz.

Zion Zion eco-friendly earbuds 2

Plug the ear buds into any audio device, may it be your iPod, iPad or any other device, and hear the music flow, recreating a sense of serene magic. The ear buds, coupled with a right angled 3.5 mm gold plated connector, help in easing the fitting into any audio device. Adjust the ear phone sizes according to your comfort and utility. Thanks to the three sizes of silicone tips, now you can prefix the ear buds with small, medium and large, depending upon the requirement at that point of time. After all, there should be no compromise on sounds, quality and especially, your mood.

Last but not the least, the product is recyclable and comes equipped with a four foot fabric cord that can be easily untangled and has been administered in a way to minimize static. The Zion ear buds are available for a price of $129.99. Bring home these classy yet trendy wooden ear buds and hear music as never before. Give your ears the comfort they have never had and see the music flow through your body all over again.

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