12 Most creative Christmas trees made using recycled materials

creative Christmas trees made using recycled materials

If you are an average millennial, you might be feeling bad about the waste you are generating. Moreover, the worst of it comes during the festive season. However, there are ways through which you can achieve three purposes at once. First, you can utilize your waste to create something creative. Second, you can prevent yourself from buying cheap disposable things during the festive season. Third, you can make statement in the favor of nature while doing so. You might be wondering what is it that we are talking about. Well, just use your useless junk for creating something eco-friendly. These creative christmas trees made using recycled materials show you how you can take recycling to the next level.

12 Most creative Christmas trees made using recycled materials

Christmas is near and we can already hear the bells ringing. It is that time of the year when we wait for the gifts, food, lights and most importantly the Christmas Tree! You can only imagine how creative and versatile you could be when you decide not to throw out the stuff you have used up. Instead use them to make your wonderful Christmas tree. Packaging cardboard, plastic and metal stuff can be easily molded to make some beautiful architectures.  Even the structures you make could be even more exciting. Let us check out some of the most creative Christmas trees made using recycled materials

Recycled Christmas trees

1. Christmas tree made from old HDDs

Old HDDs Christmas tree

Electronic junk has always been an issue that is how to recycle the things that are thrown out of market and homes in this rapidly evolving technology that gets revolutionized day by day. Old ATA hard drives that are just out of fashion these days could be a big problem to dispose for an ordinary electronic store owner, but for this man it is all about creativity. To make you wonder more, the drives modeled in this structure can still spin freely !

2. Christmas tree made from mountain dew cans

Mountain Dew Cans Christmas Tree

Mountain dew is cool, but is it cool even after you finish with the can? The answer is yes! This family chose to create the Xmas tree with their used up mountain dew cans all this year and you can see how cool it is to see the lights shining on those green shiny metal cans.

3. Christmas trees made using recycled materials like packaging materials

Recycled Packaging Boxes Christmas Tree

It is hard to stop yourself from buying those products packaged in lovely glittery outfolds when you see them at the store, but what happens when you take them home and are done with the products? Instead of sending them to junk, you can plan to make a Xmas tree out of them, and these colorful cardboard pieces can still be the eye candy at your Xmas weekend.

4. Christmas tree made from electronic junk

Electronic Junk Christmas Tree

Here is another good way to prove that you are a true gadget lover! You can truly make this Xmas truly memorable with your all used up electronic stuff mounted and shining with the bright LED lights. Enjoy with your geek buddies this techie Christmas.

5. Christmas tree made from recycled beer bottles

Recycled Beer Bottle Christmas Tree

Glass bottles are recyclable. You’ll be amazed with the view of those colorful glass bottles put together as a Christmas tree, put those green bottles in a bright area and just enjoy the scenery of this awesome xmas tree.

6. Christmas tree made from recycled magazines

Recycled Magazines Christmas Tree

Books are conveyors of knowledge, but practically speaking, there is no place in your house for the magazines you have already read, someday they are going to be recycled anyway. But, things can get more exciting when you pick them to make your christmas tree this year, and you can just see how unique your tree will look.

7. Christmas tree made from recycled wood pallets

Recycled Wood Pallets Christmas tree

Aaron Dann of Nashville makes miracles out of wood. The furniture store owner decided to make his christmas tree out of those scrap wood pieces left after furnishing and turning them into a masterpiece structure, a tall wooden xmas tree.

8. Christmas tree made from recycled glass water bottles

Recycled Glass Water Bottles Christmas Tree

These water bottles are arranged as a Christmas tree with a white light inside. This idea makes a bright illuminated Christmas tree with the milky light. It also gives the tree a miraculous look that is worth shining in your backyard this vacation. This is an ideal way to think about Christmas trees made using recycled materials.

9. Christmas tree made from recycled 5 gallon water bottles

Recycled 5 Gallon Water Bottles Christmas tree

You can see here the beauty of light refracting through water and how amazing the idea is. Now for the people who believe in the theory “bigger is better”, here is the view of some 5 gallon water bottles arranged in a Christmas tree. Now that’s what we call gigantic!

10. Christmas tree made from recycled cardboard

christmas trees made using recycled materials

When it comes to creativity, the cardboard is way convenient than any other mediums to express your imagination. The colorful cutouts you can create for your Christmas tree can be as amazing as you can imagine when you put them together. These cute little Xmas trees are made by colored cardboard with a touch of origami. This idea gives your Christmas tree an artistic and classy look at the same time. This is a perfect idea of Christmas trees made using recycled materials.

11. Christmas tree made using 80,000 spoons

christmas tree made from recycled plastic spoons 1

We have already seen plastic forks shaping into stunning carpet, this time around its plastic spoons doing the magic transformation trick. A team of students from Transworld University have breathed new life into plastic spoons by converting them into a beautiful Christmas tree. The six Taiwanese students used as many as 80,000 spoons to create their 12-meter high tree. Developed for a contest organised by the Taichung local government, the plastic spoon Christmas tree had to battle it out with 227 Christmas trees made from recycled objects such as clothing, cans, bottles, drinking straws, computer discs and bamboo chopsticks. The ingenious use of used spoons to celebrate Christmas in an eco-friendly way helped the students bag the award for best Christmas tree created from recycled materials.

12. Christmas tree made using 40,000 bottles

In present times, the condition of our environment has deteriorated a lot. The rise in different kinds of pollution and the rapid cutting down of trees have created a havoc. We need to take things under control soon. Recycling is one of the best ways by which we can effectively control the situation. Recycled products are Eco-friendly and so their footprint on the environment is negligible or very less. Here, is an excellent example of a recycled Eco-friendly product. With Christmas knocking at the door, Jolanta Smidtiene from Kaunas, Lithuaniahas has built a Christmas tree which is 13 meter tall. The tree is not only Eco-friendly, but also a pleasure to watch.

Eco Friendly Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree has been built out of around 40,000 green colored recycled bottles and zip ties. It looks huge and marvelous. As you look at the pretty pictures in this article, you will actually be surprised to see that such a breathtaking creation has been made out of just recycled bottles. During the night, the beauty of this tree increases many fold, as it glows with the help of lights provided inside it. The soft glow makes it resemble a translucent emerald monument.

This tree is truly the best gift from Jolanta Smidtiene to all the people around the world and also to the environment on this Christmas. This Eco-friendly creation has won the hearts of everyone.

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