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NGS method – An Innovative approach in genetic diagnosis

Genetic analysis of NGS is innovative in genetic diagnosis. The results obtained by doctors and patients as a result of using the NGS method show a number of advantages of this type of genetic diagnosis compared to its predecessors.

NGS method

Everything I need to know about biosphere technology

Welcome to the cleaner future that will have cleanliness and clean energy. Thanks Biosphere Technology for making such transmogrification possible. This is basically a gasification process that effectively converts solid waste into clean electricity. Sol

biosphere technology

Future Perfect: Generating electricity from sound

What’s happening right now Researchers have shown that sound energy can also be converted into power for public consumption. Theoretically, every object in the universe is composed of some form of energy. As such, energy can be obtained from every ot

Generating electricity from sound

9 technologies that help improve wind turbine efficiency

Wind Turbines are a significant source of renewable energy. In 2008 for the first time in the US, wind energy capacity addition exceeded that of fossil fuel based power plants. Windmills were initially used for tasks like grinding corn and lifting water.

new evolution in blade design
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