Green Technology Guide

What’s next: Technologies to help power your home with water

As we know itFossil fuels contribute maximum towards the production of useful electrical energy throughout the globe. Among those, coal alone accounts for about 41% of the world’s electricity production. The production of electrical power from coal is a v

Mimicking Nature: Artificial trees to generate solar energy

The conceptFrom past several years, the somber ecological imbalance is incessantly reported. The unbalanced nature is completely reflected through countless natural calamities such as global warming, frequent earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and many more.

Everything I need to know about cloud seeding

The Beijing Olympics inaugural ceremony held on 8 August 2008 was spectacular, not just in terms of the show but also because Chinese scientists promised and delivered on having a clear day. This was achieved by firing over 1100 small rockets into the sky

What’s next: Ocean thermal energy conversion

The popular method of harvesting energy is by collecting sun’s energy on solar energy collectors. But in the desire of developing alternate recyclable energy source, a French physicist Jacques d’Arsonoval anticipated the method of generating energ

The good, the bad and the ugly about fusion power

Fusion power is the most viable options for generation of huge amounts of carbon-free energy for the future. Fusion is nothing but the process used for heating the sun and other stars. The atomic nuclei of the colliding atoms combine and give out large am

What’s next: Converting carbon dioxide into usable fuel

Carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere continue to grow at an alarming rate. In 2010, some 33 billion tons of CO2 were emitted, while 12.5 billion tons from power generation plants, 9.5 billion tons from various industrial processes and 5 billion to

Everything I need to know about Peizoelectricity

Peizoelectricty is the property of some crystalline materials to generate an electric charge when they are mechanically stressed. The most familiar household application of piezoelectricity is in the gas lighter that you use to light up the cooking gas st

5 Technologies designed to make wind power affordable

Wind energy is a clean source of renewable energy. A windmill generates electricity far cheaper than any other resources. It uses the power of flowing air to rotate its big blades that is connected to turbine to generate electricity. Windmills have major

5 best search engines to search green

The world is adapting an eco friendly approach towards life. The internet has brought in a revolution in the field of ecological information sharing. Green search engines are the best innovations that existing search engines provided to eco-conscious user

5 Best nature inspired green technologies

Nature is the mother of all inventions. Some of the most marvelous and compelling innovations have been made since yore by astute observers, the major breakthroughs being, airplanes inspired by a birds, helicopters from insects like dragonflies, postul

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