Recycling Guide

Creative bins that are designed to promote recycling

Our responsibility toward the environment does not end with dumping wastes into a bin. Think of the future please! What is the fate of these wastes? Are they being recycled and properly utilized? Being green not only stops us from littering the earth but

Neo recycle bin

A Complete Guide to Recycling old clothes

Our homes are filled with plenty of clothes, most of them old ones. With the ever changing fashion and new styles to try, it’s only understandable that our closets are overflowing with clothes that we will never ever wear again. But isn’t this a waste of

Recycling old clothes

Wallets made from recycled materials for the eco conscious

Recycling is the need of the hour as with such huge amount of waste and garbage coming out of our houses everyday, we are literally running out of landfills. Not only dumping them in landfills poses some serious threats to the environment but also a lot m

Wallets made from recycled materials for the eco conscious

5 creative ways to recycle disposable plastic cups

With an increase in awareness among people of using the recycled products, there is a rapid increase in the number of people opting for such Eco-friendly products. These recycled products are not only cheap but also are available in cool and trendy desi

recycle disposable plastic cups

10 creative working gadgets made using recycled materials

Go Green is the in thing today with eco enthusiasts across the world promoting the importance of using green methods of livelihood. The need of the hour is to save the trees and we can do that by recycling different plant products such as papers, cardboar

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