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11 most amazing ‘Nano House’ designs

A continually warming earth has forced the attention of all the concerned persons to find an effective and sustainable solution for housing. As the world around us becomes more and more unpredictable in terms of location, cost of conventional housing,

Werner Aisslinger's Loft Cube

Inflatable Dome Home in Louisiana embraces energy-efficiency

The monolithic dome home is Louisiana is a manifestation of its owners’ – Charlie and Margaret Simmons – pursuit for energy-efficiency. The steel-reinforced concrete tension rings support a plasticized, inflated airform (balloon) that further…

Inflatable Dome Home in Louisiana

11 – Best bamboo hut designs from around the world

Of all traditional materials used for constructing homes,
bamboo seems the greenest and there are facts to support this. Bamboo is the
fastest growing plant on our planet, making it nothing less than a renewable
material. Apart from being green, bamboo is

Best bamboo hut designs

Everything I need to know about eco-friendly concrete

Concrete is one of the most widely used building materials. It is also one of the top contributors to environmental degradation, mostly owing to its wide use. Many harmful emissions, like fly ash are a result of excessive concrete use. However, eco friend

about eco-friendly concrete

20 Green architecture marvels proposed for Dubai

Dubai can also be dubbed as the city of architectural marvels where creativity and design goes to an new level altogether. The structures, whether existing, in progress or proposed have the most unique structure that you can think of. These huge, tall b

Dubai Water Front
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