Extraordinary architecture made possible by recycled materials

The soup can house

It’s the 21st Century and now we are using all sorts of building materials. In fact, there are designers around the world who even ancient building materials like rammed earth, etc. However, one trend that we all should support is architecture technique that uses recycled materials. Can you imagine an entire house made up of recycled materials? Yes, you heard it correct. You no longer have to seek a construction material firm to find building materials for your house. Now, you can even go to the nearest junk dealer for the same. Apart from being inexpensive, these eco-friendly building materials have many other added advantages as well. Given below is an introduction to most fantastically designed houses. All these are made out of reclaimed materials and are therefore extremely sustainable.

6 – House architecture examples utilizing recycled materials

1. The incredible “garbage” house

“garbage” houseWe have always been reading phrases and sayings like “there is no substitute for hard work” and “where there is a will, there is way”. However, only a few make this come true. Ingrid Vaca Diez from Bolivia has presented an example before all of us by constructing these outstanding garbage houses. The homes are made from waste materials like plastic bottles as bricks and mud. There could be no better place to tuck in the litter of plastic bottles than to use them as bricks. The houses are extremely string and durable.

2. The soup can house

soup can houseReused soup cans could be creatively used to construct unbelievably beautiful houses and make good use of waste materials. This soap house is located in Bat Yam in Israel and is made entirely out of soap cans. These empty cans are joined together with the help of steel rods to create temporary housing for people. The structure allows plenty of natural light to pass through it. Therefore, it does not require lighting during the day time.

3. The “all-door” apartment

The “all-door” apartmentDesigner Choi jeong Hwa is ready to surprise you all with his extremely colorful and eye-dazzling creation, an all door apartment at Seoul. The artist covered an entire 10 storey building with 1000 recycled doors! According to Choi, he chose salvaged doors as he himself is not able to paint or draw well. This building is one out of Choi’s several eco-friendly inspired works. Choi’s creativity and concern has transformed n dull and monotonous structure into tangy and interesting.

4. Argentina’s plastic house

Argentina’s plastic houseAlfredo Santa Cruz and his family have set an example before the world. They have created this outlandish recycled house in Puerto Iguazu in Argentina. In fact, the complete house have been constructed out of 1200 PET bottles(as roofs), 1300 tetra Pak cartons (as ceilings), 120 plastic bottles (as couches) and 200 other bottles as bed including 140 Compact Disk covers as its doors and windows. This seems to be a perfect way to get rid of the plastic litter problem which the world is facing currently.

5. Recycled Bridge in Scotland


Axion International Holdings Inc., the New Jersey-based developer of patented structural plastic products, has announced the completion of Europe’s first recycled plastic bridge. In fact, the bridge that spans the River Tweed at Easter Dawyck in Peeblesshire, Scotland is made up mainly of the eco-friendly recycled structural composite (RSC) material developed by Axion. The next-generation building material contains 100 percent recycled plastic.

According to estimates, a massive 50 tons of plastic waste has been used to construct the 90 feet thermoplastic bridge, which is the first recycled composite bridge in Europe. The bridge is sturdy enough to accommodate heavy-goods’ vehicles. The bridge that forms part of the historic John Buchan Way was prefabricated in the US and was transported to Scotland via container ship. Another notable fact regarding the plastic bridge is the record time in which it was completed. It took only two weeks to complete the work, thanks to the pre-fab design. The bridge consists of three spans and replaces an aged steel beam and timber deck road bridge.

Since the new bridge is made of plastic, it will not be subjected to rot or rust. The bridge will also enjoy some added benefits such as it does not require regular maintenance or painting. In addition, the unique composite material developed by Axion facilitated easy fabrication and erection and enabled the team to complete the work within schedule. Besides being lightweight and easy to assemble, the material is eco-friendly and contains no toxic materials. The plastic bridge is 100 percent recyclable at the end of its functional life.

Axion developed the RSC material in association with Rutgers University’s Materials Sciences and Engineering Department.

The new eco-friendly material can replace crazy amounts of steel, plywood, MDFs, laminates and other natural resources.

6. Weird Amelot building uses nothing but recycled shipping pallets

AME-LOT Student Housing

Recycling, as we all know, is the key to a green revolution. Our valuable resources are conserved once we plan and take steps to recycle. It is very important as the waste is converted to useful material and a lot of energy is saved as well as the least area of the landfill is occupied. These days, many designers are getting involved in this architecture using the recycled materials in a creative and outstanding way.

The AMELOT building of Rue Amelot in Paris, France, is a perfect example of one such creative building. The Malka architects are the designers of this entirely sustainable building for student residence. Therefore, architect Alice Barrois teamed up with graphic designer Tristan Spell of Malka architects and built this structure using recycled shipping pallets for the entire construction. Since there has been no destruction of the older building it has not, therefore, created any sort of pollution to the environment.

The proposal is totally unique as no other material except for shipping pallets is used. These pallets come in all sorts of sizes, configurations and condition. Therefore, the ones which are found would likely be incompatible with each other. You can easily redesign a pallet according to your will. Long horizontal hinges are used to stick the pallets together which condense while going to the top and hence permit large and private openings. The building is 100% a green building as it makes use of the discarded pallets which were supposed to be dumped. Furthermore, this trash, which would have just heaped up the landfill and would have added to environmental pollution was cleverly used as a construction material for the building. On the other hand, if some new construction material would have been used, then a large amount of waste would have been generated.


Reduce Reuse and Recycle, are the three “Rs”. They have become extremely popular these days. It’s because of the growing awareness about the constant damage caused to the planet and our environment. Putting a break over buying new things and using the older ones in a new way is something we all have known about.

What does it take to be sensitive towards your Planet and surrounding? A strong determination in your heart and a strong will and there you are with a solution to save your environment. The attempts of people who inculcate architecture with recycled materials proves this.

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