Green Art Guide

Creative wall clocks made using recycled materials

Wall clocks are among the most essential interior decoration items and hold importance because of their utility. Whether it be your home or office, you would need a wall clock to hang on your wall. But apart from functionality, wall clocks need to be styl

Recycled Magnetic Tape Reel Clock

Creative ways to reuse your old computer keyboards

With latest innovations in the gadget world, technology turns obsolete in no time, leaving you with a host of materials and accessories which not only occupy and fill your attic with waste products, but can cause environmental and health hazards if not di


11 Ingenious robots made from recycled materials

Waste or trash is produced by all organisms but human trash consist of materials that cannot be easily decomposed, which when accumulated in the landfill can create hazardous chemicals. These chemicals pollute the air, soil, and water resources. With ne

Steampunk Robocop by Kreatworks

10 most bizarre crafts created from e-waste

The world is generating electronic waste by the tonnes now. Ways and methods to deal with this waste are constantly being devised. Some designers have found simple and complicated ways to convert this seemingly ugly waste into pieces of beauty. We examine

Interfolding Signals

Eight stunning pieces of art created from recycled cutlery

Recycled art and craft have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. The importance of saving earth is kicking into everyone’s mind and looking at the stunning designs that recycled products shape out into, the effort is entirely appreciable and t

Recycled abstract trash art

Seven creative sculptures designed to run on wind power

Although wind power is a well-known source of green energy, it is not that popular among general public. However, now some artists and engineers, with intent to promote wind energy, have designed and built a number of creative sculptures that generate use

Future flower sculpture

5 Creative cardboard sculptures

An artist is not deterred by bounds so does art itself. Many times what seems like trash and useless, can be turned into amazing piece of art with little creativity. This is what has been proved by a minority of cardboard artists, who have managed to tran

Cardboardivity City

10 stunning products made using old newspapers

Newspapers are considered a waste after a few hours of its arrival. They keep piling up in our store rooms with each passing and we hardly make any good use of this stack. But there are many who are making good use of this Eco-friendly material and giving

Flip-flops upcycled from old newspapers

11 stunning animal sculptures made from recycled materials

Products made from recycled material have always caught the attention of people. They have the property of influencing people. They always stand out different in one way or the other. The big and gigantic structures not only impress the people but also

stunning animal sculptures
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