Honda launches new eco-car

Honda goes environment friendly with its new model Environmental organizations have always targeted automobile companies for disturbing the ecological balance. The criticism has acted as a catalyst for many companies to make their foray in environment friendly products. Major automobile …

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Are Walmart car batteries good choice for my car?

I am looking for a new battery for my Peugeot 306, 1998 model. I don’t use car every week. And there are claims from Walmart battery that it has extremely low self-discharging capability which would be quite favorable as per my liking. So I want to ask

Solar power attic fan- Is it worth it?

My wife and I bought our first home last year and this summer has been so cruel. Especially the rooms upstairs have been so hot even after all the fans we have got there. Now we have decided to get attic fan installed. We are looking for solar power attic

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