Tesla to learn a lot before dealing with its wrong marketing tactics



Marketing is crucial for every product – it makes or breaks the product in front of customers. But following wrong marketing tactics can land your organization in jeopardy, something that with Tesla when its stock came down by 8% because of some particularly funny mathematical marketing techniques.

Marketing strategy

The two things which were very clear after the announcement by the founder included that the company is selling the product in a sub-prime way of marketing and the second, Mr. Husk, the founder must learn a lot from the clean energy business Solarcity.

What went wrong

The brand new Model S sedan is what’s making news for Tesla and you can buy it by going for a special kind of loan which is offered by only two banks in U.S. The most interesting thing that the company is advertising for making the sedan affordable is $500 per month on the front page of the newspaper. The cost effective car saves you fuel as well as electricity, making it less polluting and more sustainable. So, why is the company promoting its product in such a way?

The Model S Sedan is one appreciable great car and that has been named 2013 car of the year with some really great reviews. The price quoted is same as some luxury sedan class cars.

How Tesla to cope up

One point that is very similar between the Tesla and solar companies is the high price products. Like a large solar roof top, the Tesla car also saves a lot of money of its consumers. In this case, Tesla must learn from Solarcity when it sells the solar panels in a very lucrative ways to get the cost of installing a high end roof top and billing them for the power it generates. The business is turning out to be a big hit as it already captured 90% of Arizona and 70% California. Taking into consideration the above things, Tesla should do a lot of brainstorming in its marketing strategy

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