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23 Green Gadgets You Should Be Using To Help The Environment

When an effort is put by the stake holders to save the planet, innovation becomes inevitable in multiple directions. These range from computers and chargers to basic house hold appliances. This article thus deals with 15 such devices in the domestic front

PolyFuel Lenovo Laptop

Amazing furniture items made out of recycled materials

If you are an environment conscious person and looking for options to revamp your house, then look no further. Recycled furniture is the best choice for you. But, as there are thousands of furniture items available made form reclaimed materials, it is imp

Corian Waste

Creative wall clocks made using recycled materials

Wall clocks are among the most essential interior decoration items and hold importance because of their utility. Whether it be your home or office, you would need a wall clock to hang on your wall. But apart from functionality, wall clocks need to be styl

Recycled Magnetic Tape Reel Clock

Creative ways to reuse your old computer keyboards

With latest innovations in the gadget world, technology turns obsolete in no time, leaving you with a host of materials and accessories which not only occupy and fill your attic with waste products, but can cause environmental and health hazards if not di


Stunningly green products made using recycled paper

The best way to treat waste paper is to make recycled paper products. You will find number of recycled paper products today. Here is a list of some cool paper recycled products.1. Colorful, all-purpose bowl Made out of newspaper, this trendy, stylish and

Eco Accessories by Mingus Designs

Creative bins that are designed to promote recycling

Our responsibility toward the environment does not end with dumping wastes into a bin. Think of the future please! What is the fate of these wastes? Are they being recycled and properly utilized? Being green not only stops us from littering the earth but

Neo recycle bin
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