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Spincycle Eco Friendly Guide

Best pedal powered washing machine designs

Did you know that every time you use your washing machine, you get clean clothes but an ‘unclean’ environment? It has been established that a single wash on an average consumes more than 40 liters of water. It also consumes a lot of electricity. However,

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Environment Guide

7 – Leading Countries Using Waste to Generate Energy

Waste is emerging as a massive worldwide problem. Huge amounts …

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you should take climate change seriously Environment Guide

8 Reasons you should take climate change seriously

The topic of climate change easily sparks a debate in …

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space tourism Green Diary Popular

Is eco-friendly space tourism possible?

The idea of space tourism is round the corner. Sir …

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prevent ozone depletion Environment Guide

How to prevent Ozone depletion (and what would happen if we don’t)

The depletion of the ozone layer is a phenomena that was observed during the later part of the 70s and has since then showed a declining rate of 4% per decade and there is a remarkable decrease over the polar regions of the Earth. The main re

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make eco-friendly sandals from recycled materials Green Diary Popular

How to make eco-friendly sandals from recycled materials

Making sandal involves various designs and techniques and women love to explore different styles of sandals. How about making sandals from recycled materials as your next DIY project? Do not get surprised it is easier than it sounds to be. You can get all

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Haribaabu Naatesam e-waste art Green Art Guide

The Best of Artwork made from e-waste

Landfills are dumped with waste every day and it is very important to decrease the load chucked on these waste grounds. One very hazardous type of waste thrown out of our home is electronic devices and components. These contain many harmful chemicals that

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Office interior Eco Friendly Guide

8 – Sustainability trends to watch out in 2019

What does the New Year bring? More than joyful tidings, …

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Eco Friendly Habits Green Diary Popular

Eco-friendly Habits: Which habits are good for environment (and which aren’t)

It is our duty to live a life, which, if …

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stubble-burning Environment Guide

Why and how to stop stubble burning?

Every year in the months of October and November, the …

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Green Building Architecture Guide

How Green Building and Traditional Architecture Pave Way For A Sustainable Tomorrow

Whenever we talk about green architecture, we picture the latest …

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organic beauty products Green Diary Popular

Amazing DIY organic beauty products for your skin

Organic beauty is in. You have more than one reasons …

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