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Best bamboo hut designs Architecture Guide

11 – Best bamboo hut designs from around the world

Of all traditional materials used for constructing homes,
bamboo seems the greenest and there are facts to support this. Bamboo is the
fastest growing plant on our planet, making it nothing less than a renewable
material. Apart from being green, bamboo is

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impact-of-construction-on-environment.j Environment Guide

What’s the impact of construction on environment?

Construction sector is ever-expanding as cities and towns are growing. …

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biodegradable plastics Eco Friendly Guide

The good, the bad and the ugly about biodegradable plastics

Several chemically composed materials are badly affecting our environment day by day. The only reason is their non-biodegradable nature. Plastics products are the most hazardous chemicals as they do not get decomposed easily. They have severely threatened

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eco-friendly-building Architecture Guide

Seven criteria to evaluate eco-friendly building materials

Eco friendly products are fast becoming a priority for the world considering the damage our universe is exposed to with chemicals and environmental pollution. While eco friendly buildings are constructed on a large scale, it is also very important to

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malaria Environment Guide

Examining Children’s Environmental Health Issues

According to statistics, more than 3 million children under the …

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Net neutrality Green Diary Popular

Net neutrality and what it means for small businesses

The Internet makes starting and managing businesses easy, be it …

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Caterpillar Green Business Guide

8 – Popular companies with shockingly bad reputation

Large corporations in the world indulge in many human rights …

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Mount-Everest-traffic-jam Green Diary Popular

What should we learn from Mount Everest ‘traffic jam’?

Sixty-six years ago when Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary became …

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biosphere technology Green Diary Popular

Everything I need to know about biosphere technology

Welcome to the cleaner future that will have cleanliness and clean energy. Thanks Biosphere Technology for making such transmogrification possible. This is basically a gasification process that effectively converts solid waste into clean electricity. Sol

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Environment Guide

Weather Records Indicate Severe Weather Trend Has Already Begun

UN’s climate report for 2017 found that extreme climate-related weather …

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Environment Guide

How does Climate Change Impacts our Health?

We all are aware of the consequences that global warming …

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Fibrous Tower Architecture Guide

11 most amazing self-sufficient towers designed for future urbanities

Necessities of self-sufficient skyscraper are realized due to increasing demand of energy as well as shelter for each individual of such a huge population. The word ‘self-sufficient’ for a building or a tower explains that it is a building designed to

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