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climate changed abruptly in the last few years Eco Friendly Guide

Has the climate changed abruptly in the last few years?

Study by weather experts reveal that time spans experiencing global …

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eco-friendly-building Architecture Guide

Seven criteria to evaluate eco-friendly building materials

Eco friendly products are fast becoming a priority for the world considering the damage our universe is exposed to with chemicals and environmental pollution. While eco friendly buildings are constructed on a large scale, it is also very important to

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Desalinization plant Green Diary Popular

16 Eco-technologies ensuring brighter future for our planet

The industrial revolution gave us a lot of comfort and …

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Bus stops that revel in sustainable design Eco Friendly Guide

12 Sustainable bus stop designs and why we need them

Protecting the environment and reducing personal carbon print is the …

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organic beauty products Green Diary Popular

Amazing DIY organic beauty products for your skin

Organic beauty is in. You have more than one reasons …

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Haitian Desal-A-Nation Green Diary Popular

Five solar powered water desalination systems

The oceans cover nearly three-fourths of the earth’s surface and yet there is a global shortage of water. This is because the water in the seas and oceans is not usable for drinking or agriculture. Only 2.5 percent of the total water available in the worl

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Ikea PS HAllar Stool Green Diary Popular

12 of best eco-friendly products by Ikea

IKEA is a Sweden based company that offers functional home furnishing products at cheap prices that can be afforded by all. This world renowned company has been gradually shifting to make use of green processes and produce a wide range of designer and con

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Green Diary Popular

Travel green with these 10 Zero Waste travelling tips

It is no secret that the environmental conditions of the …

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Green Diary Popular

14 – Facts about recycling you probably didn’t know

Recycling industry has undergone a change in recent years. We …

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Green Diary Popular

7 – Eco-friendly Pet Products You Should Consider

It can be said that one of the highest achievements …

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Biodegradable-Products Eco Friendly Guide

Biodegradable Products have a positive impact on the environment

People are increasingly adopting greener and more eco-friendly alternatives in …

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Blockchain Environment Guide

Here’s how Blockchain might help us save the environment

Within the next thirty years, our planet will be as …

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