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we need businesses that have positive impact on the environment Green Business Guide

Why we need businesses that have positive impact on the environment?

It’s no secret that the planet is under severe strain …

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Coca Cola controversy Green Business Guide

Coca Cola controversy:  Should we allow health research funding by popular brands?

Health research funding by popular brands may be a game …

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wooden pallet Green Diary Popular

Self-Watering Indoor Vertical Garden Screen Ideas For Your Garden

Vertical gardens are the new passion of gardeners worldwide. If …

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Recycling air pollution to create Air-Ink Environment Guide

Recycling air pollution to create Air-Ink and other innovative products

We have heard of recycling glass, metal, plastic and paper, …

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Werner Aisslinger's Loft Cube Architecture Guide

11 most amazing ‘Nano House’ designs

A continually warming earth has forced the attention of all the concerned persons to find an effective and sustainable solution for housing. As the world around us becomes more and more unpredictable in terms of location, cost of conventional housing,

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Eco Friendly Guide

Best eco-friendly camping gadgets for hikers in 2018

Hikers and trekkers have got to pack some gear for …

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Capsula Mundi Eco Friendly Guide

The latest ecofriendly cremation methods and burial methods for ecofriendly people

You don’t often think about your death or what would …

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Corian Waste Green Diary Popular

Amazing furniture items made out of recycled materials

If you are an environment conscious person and looking for options to revamp your house, then look no further. Recycled furniture is the best choice for you. But, as there are thousands of furniture items available made form reclaimed materials, it is imp

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Environment Guide

How does Climate Change Impacts our Health?

We all are aware of the consequences that global warming …

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MSG in Asian food Eco Friendly Guide

Too much MSG in Asian food: Is it really bad?

We relish the taste of ‘Indian’ Chinese, and try as …

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Most-underrated-national-parks-in-Canada Green Diary Popular

Underrated national parks in Canada that you must visit

The existence of other national parks in Canada has been …

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Spincycle Eco Friendly Guide

Best pedal powered washing machine designs

Did you know that every time you use your washing machine, you get clean clothes but an ‘unclean’ environment? It has been established that a single wash on an average consumes more than 40 liters of water. It also consumes a lot of electricity. However,

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