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Eco Friendly Guide

Best eco-friendly camping gadgets for hikers in 2018

Hikers and trekkers have got to pack some gear for …

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Eco-Friendly Substitutes for Styrofoam Packaging Eco Friendly Guide

8 Eco-Friendly Substitutes for Styrofoam Packaging

The problem with humans is that we invent things, but …

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Spincycle Eco Friendly Guide

Best pedal powered washing machine designs

Did you know that every time you use your washing machine, you get clean clothes but an ‘unclean’ environment? It has been established that a single wash on an average consumes more than 40 liters of water. It also consumes a lot of electricity. However,

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destructive effects of global warming on our environment Environment Guide

6 most destructive effects of global warming on our environment

Global warming as the term suggests, is nothing but the slow and continuous increase in the average temperature of the atmosphere surrounding the Earth and the vast oceans on its landscape. This effect is primarily caused by a few gases like carbon-dioxid

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soldier fly are raised on food waste Eco Friendly Guide

Food waste management tips we can take from South Korea

Every year, over 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted. …

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Paleisbrug pedestrian Bridge Green Diary Popular

Giant solar-powered bridges that inspire big infrastructure developers to think green          

Green structures are the future of construction. Using materials which …

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Arctic Ocean Environment Guide

Climate change drastically altering chemical composition of the Arctic Ocean

Global climatic change has surprisingly raised the levels of Radium-228 …

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Japan launches Ibuki-2 Environment Guide

Japan and China launch multiple satellites to monitor environment

The state of the environment is no longer an issue …

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Shark-Fin-Soup- Environment Guide

Despite China ban, Shark Fin Soup Industry flourishing elsewhere

Shark fin soup is possibly one of the foremost reasons …

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Electric cars Green Autos Guide

Electric cars might not be as green as you think

Electric cars seem to be the answer to reduced emissions …

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Why Men Buy and Wear Luxury Watches Green Accessories Guide

Good Reasons Why Men Buy and Wear Luxury Watches

Majority of men stare longingly at the luxury watches displayed …

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Build flood shelter on a firm ground Environment Guide

How to create emergency flood shelter for village

In the regions experiencing high rainfall, floods are extremely common. …

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