Tempe transit center’s eco-friendly shelters offer a green wait

tempe transit center1

Stopping at a transit shelter to board a bus is a regular practice. But, how often has your wait been a green experience? The Tempe transit center is here to offer you a green wait at its transit stops, which are outfitted with green walls. The greenscreen green walls, developed by a Los Angeles-based company, will act as a barrier, protecting you from the harsh Arizona sun and heat.

tempe transit center2

The greenscreen, a three-dimensional, welded wire trellising system, has space where plants can grow and entwine. Various plants used in the system are Queen’s Wreath and Cat’s Claw vines that help the green wall to provide shade and cool the surrounding areas through evapo-transpiration. The eco-friendly transit shelter also includes a rainwater downspout that transfers water into a bed of soil.

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Via: Jetson Green

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