CSIRO to replace toxic chromate with green ‘Quench Coat’ in galvanizing operations

hot dip galvanizing

Chromate might be an excellent corrosion inhibitor but its toxicity is always questionable. Providing galvanizers with a better substitute i.e. Quench Coat, Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) scientists now hope to protect galvanized products from white rust and retain the luster in a green way.

Quench Coat is a simple drop-in replacement for chromate in the galvanizing industry.

Says Dr Scott Furman, CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering scientist.

Quench Coat is a safe, tested, water-based alternative to chromate, and does not use hazardous solvents. Hence, it is comparatively safer for workers engaged in galvanizing processes. Moreover, its better adhesion makes it more suitable to painting or protective coating when compared to the latter. Since the protective layer is equally effective on zinc, magnesium and aluminum, its applications go beyond the hot-dip galvanizing. Now, to make this technology available on a commercial scale, CSIRO hopes to avail the services of a coatings company.

Image Credit: Andritz

Via: Science Alert

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