Green Gadgets Guide

23 Green Gadgets You Should Be Using To Help The Environment

When an effort is put by the stake holders to save the planet, innovation becomes inevitable in multiple directions. These range from computers and chargers to basic house hold appliances. This article thus deals with 15 such devices in the domestic front

PolyFuel Lenovo Laptop

15 edible gadgets made using chocolate

Chocolate, the one thing which no one could ever resist. It is the only thing which is cherished by every age group. Even a little chocolate could do wonders. Chocolates have a special ability to lighten moods and offer a happy environment. Due to this pr


Twelve eco-friendly gadgets made from unwanted stuff

The green is the latest trend in the market and we get to see that everything these days is being transformed into green using the Eco-friendly technology. The use of recycled products have increased over the years and people these days mostly prefer maki

The Volvo clock 

Everything I need to know about kinetic energy charger systems

Kinetic energy is the cleanest form of energy, which is omnipresent in every moving object and can be stored by various techniques for optimum power conversion. The different forms of kinetic energy are vibrational, rotational and translational, which are

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