How Geppetto Wooden Watches Can Enhance Your Fashion Quotient

Geppetto Wooden Watch

For a fashion enthusiast, styling is incomplete without a watch. An empty wrist can bring down your style impact. But, put on a good old watch and see how you attract attention from everyone around you. A watch is a fashion accessory which is a common element in the men’s as well as women’s fashion. No matter where you go, how you dress up, and whom you meet – a watch from a reputed watch brands will always enhance your style statement. If you are looking for unique, eco-friendly watches to amp your fashion quotient, Geppetto watches can help you do just that. Read on to find out how you can stand out from the crowd with a Geppetto wooden watch on your wrist.

Geppetto Royale will make you feel royal

Geppetto RoyaleInstagram:

Geppetto Royale comes with a beige dial as its centerpiece. A classic watch, the Geppetto Royale is the watch you can pair up with almost every outfit – be it formal, casual or in between.

Donne this watch with any color palette – the beige dial is a neutral shade, around which any other color will only appear more exuberated. With an original classic like this one, you can never go wrong with your fashion – be it at home, at office, at a party or in the streets.

If you like to play safe with your style statement, the Geppetto Royale is the perfect watch for you to check out from the collection of six Geppetto wooden watches.

Geppetto Rebel will let you bring out your rebellious self

Geppetto Rebel

You are a rebel who likes to ditch the rules. You are a rebel who love to live life on your own terms. And you are a rebel who breaks fashion norms, just to replace them with better ones. If the above statements describe you, then you should certainly wear a Geppetto Rebel on your wrist.

You might want to stay away from that 9-5 job. Or you may want to indulge in wild, adventurous sports and activities. For anything unconventional that you wish to attempt, a Geppetto Rebel is there for you.

With a dark grey dial at its centre with black dial elements fitted inside, this watch is for those who are eager to face their darker side and conquer it successfully.

Pair it up with outfits of equally dark color palette or try to introduce a contrast in your fashion statement. You do not need to scream out your rebelling voice from the rooftops. With a Geppetto Rebel on your wrist, your fashion will speak for you.

Geppetto Ocean will allow you to rejuvenate your style statement

Geppetto OceanIf you are a young, carefree person, who loves to go with the flow, or live life in the moment – then Geppetto Ocean is the perfect watch for you. Its bold blue-colored dial at the centre speaks volumes about how exquisite the watch is.

Wear this watch with a floral shirt and beach shorts the next time you hit the beach or step aboard a fun cruise. Or pair it up with a dark blue shirt and a pair of sunglasses in the same color palette to complete your gentleman look.

Geppetto Ocean is a watch which allows you to explore your fun, bold side. Use it to rejuvenate your personal style statement. Let your fashion quotient breath under the clear blue skies with one of the best watches from the collection of Geppetto wooden watches.

Geppetto Terra will enhance your rustic look

Geppetto TerraYou love to be close to Mother Nature. In the woods, you feel like your natural self. Or you just simply adore the earthy shades. No matter what your choice is – if you like to dress up in natural tones, then simply go for Geppetto Terra.

You are already distinguishing yourself from the crowd by opting for tones of brown, green and cream. Adding an all brown watch to your attire will only enhance your overall appearance.

Moreover, this watch is so unique and attractive to the eye that you can sure about everyone gaping at it at the first glance.

Pair it up with your brown shoes or belt. Wear it with a military print outfit and see how the Geppetto Terra amps up your personal style statement.

Geppetto Nocturno will help you steal the night

Geppetto NocturnoYou are already the life of the party. But you want to steal the night even more. You want to dress to the nines and make sure that everyone’s eyes are on you. But in a world where everyone is wearing a designer outfit (or the first copy of the same), how can you ensure that the audience has their eyes locked on you throughout the night?

It is simple. Wear a Geppetto Nocturno from the collection of six Geppetto wooden watches. It is a classy combination of black and golden dials – colors inspired by a glittery night.

Pair it up with a black shirt or A-Line dress, and watch how jaws drop everywhere around you. For the creatures of the night, this watch is just the best gift that fashion can bestow on them.

Geppetto Ruby will bring out the femininity in you

Geppetto Ruby

For the women out there who want to stand out from the crowd, yet wish to retain their feminine qualities, the Geppetto Ruby is the best watch out there.

Created with rosewood and exhibiting a dial of the same shade, this watch is one of the most feminine watches in the collection of six Geppetto wooden watches.

Just pair it up with your favorite dress or sweater – and you are good to go. This watch will suit best when worn with pink, ruby, black or white outfits. However, you are always free to experiment.

Remember, all of the above listed watches are unisex ones – which means both men and women can wear them. Not only wear them, both the sexes can carry them with equal elegance and class. These Geppetto wooden watches are also eco-friendly, as they are made from 100% natural wood.

Style integrates with nature, to give you the best time has to offer- a priceless, evergreen watch.

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