What’s next: Eco friendly printers

Eco friendly printers

As we know it

With the increase in development of digitalized technology, the damage created on our environment is also increasing. Due to these rising concerns, scientists and researchers have come up with alternative energy efficient gadgets. One such innovation is an ozone-free printer or a ‘green printer’ that focuses on saving energy, water, recyling and reusing of solid waste, etc. Most printers use negatively charged rollers that generate harmful ozone gases that can impair our lung function. Hence, this innovative technology works by applying positive electric charge directly to the rollers. This printer is not just eco-friendly but also benefits our health. As these printers are cartridge free, the only items to be disposed off are an empty tones container and residue bottle which are again made of plastic that ensures that they can be recycled.

Need for change

Like any other technology, even printers have evolved over the years. We have different types of printers today, each differentiated on the basis of purpose, size, speed or quality. The use of printer consumables like ink are believed to impact the environment the most. When we talk about the ink, many printers use petroleum based inks which are damaging our environment and have to be made sure that they are safely disposed. These green printers use green inks that are made of vegetable based inks such as soy which is bio-degradable. The new eco-printer uses photographic ink which allows a paper printed with this ink to be erased and reused. Pencil printer is another type of printer that uses slate pencils for printing and the print can be erased so that the paper can be used again.

What’s next?

1. Solar printing concept by Hosung Jung, Junsang Kim

Solar Printing concept by Hosung Jung, Junsang Kim

What’s new?

This printer uses a tanning paper that uses solar energy for printing and does not use ink. Therefore, there is no problem of changing the ink cartridges and we can use the printer permanently.

What difference will it make?

This printer uses the method of sun-tanning the paper. By using the principle of saving energy through refracting the light this printer tans the paper. By using this printer, it is possible to reduce environmental pollution caused due to using ink. As solar energy is being applied in every field almost these days to save energy, its application even for printers can really prove profitable not only to the environment but even our health.


As it uses solar energy to print the paper, it is difficult to use it when there is no enough solar energy. The solar energy is converted into electricity for printing, hence improper use of electricity may also cause problems in its effective usage. Solar energy might be troublesome in the beginning during its installation.

2. Eco printer concept by Hoyoung Lee

Eco Printer Concept by Hoyoung Lee

What difference will it make?

The idea behind this concept is to use graphite extracted from scraps of ordinary pencils instead of toners. It feeds on scrap pencil and eraser pieces. It has two exits, one for printed pages and other for blank pages. This printer can be really eco-friendly as it grinds stubby pencil lead and mechanical pencil lead inside cylinder. and the stubby pencil lead burn by electricity so that the pencil’s wood and lead can separate. It is possible to erase printing and hence, it helps you save paper. this helps us to decrease deforestation to a great extent.


The major problems are that the printers can be mismanaged or difficult to operate as their functioning is a little complex. The user might not be able to rectify any problem caused during its operation. The printer is still facing obstacles as the prices are reaching the sky making it unreachable to the general public. It will be more useful in large organizations which make use a lot of printing and reprinting and moreover, only they can afford it at its present prices.

3. Eco printer concept

Eco Printer concept

What difference will it make?

This printer uses special ink that is composed of photographic materials that disappear when exposed to UV light. This implies that unimportant documents can easily be printed and erased offering you a blank paper to print again. This increases the lifecycle of the paper. This means that this is a completely eco friendly model of printer that is handy and helpful.


As discussed earlier, operating of this printer requires complete understanding of its functioning. Any minor damage caused might affect its working. It might not be suggested for regular and frequent use due to its fragile technology.

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