What’s next: Energy efficient computers powered by renewable energy

Energy efficient computers

As we know it

Nowadays, the devices which demand the use of the maximum electrical energy are the hoards of computers in our offices and houses. This is because we all want our computers to run all day all night long, even when they are not in use. This results in a huge loss and waste of useful electrical energy. Thus, organizations are now emphasizing on making the computers energy efficient and employing power management schemes in the operation of the systems. As we see, nowadays every standard electrical or electronic device is rated with energy star ratings. This energy star rating indicates how much the device is energy efficient.

Need for change

These days the pioneers in the computer manufacturing industry are focusing on the introduction of advanced power management systems in the computers. VIA had shot to the top rank by introducing the worlds smallest processor without a fan – VIA C3. This company has also introduced the VIA C7 processor which runs on an average energy consumption of below 1 watt even when operating at a high frequency of 2.0 GHz. More over, VIA has aimed for building the world’s first carbon free computer by introducing the VIA C7-D processor.

To reduce the carbon emission

A computer makes use of energy which requires the burning of about 1800 kg of chemicals and fossil fuels which in turn emits about 100 kg of carbon-di-oxide annually. The overall objective is to reduce the burning of fossil fuels which emits high levels of toxic carbon oxides in the atmosphere. Thus, we have to switch over to eco-friendly non conventionally powered computers to eliminate this problem.

What’s next?

1. Solar notebook concept

Solar notebook concept

What’s new

This device includes a completely adjustable and detachable solar panel at its top which charges the on-board battery. The model is very sleek and uses a very light and small solar panel. It includes GPS connectivity, internet access facility and a satellite telephone which enhances the overall connectivity and remote operation of the gadget to a large extent.

What difference will it make

This is a compact model which is powered by non-conventional energy resource. Owing to the various connectivity options, this device will become handy for professionals willing to work at remote places where conventional power and communication facilities are absent. Most solar panels are fixed to the device it powers up. The solar panel in this solar-notebook model is completely detachable and can be put for recharging the battery in a separate sunny place.


Solar powered systems become inefficient in cloudy weathers. The display is very small and thus inappropriate for multimedia viewing.

2. Bento’ solar powered concept

Bento's solar powered concept

What’s new

This is a US based product having a solar panel to charge the on-board Lithium ion battery. This model has got slots for placing your tablet PC, smartphone, battery and 1 TB HDD and options to charge them up too, using the solar power from the solar panel.

What difference will it make

This model will provide a universal charging environment for all the necessary modern electronic gadgets such as your smartphone and tablet PC. The gadgets can be placed in any direction in the slots provided. The DC charging pins are positioned suitably so as to charge the batteries of the devices irrespective of the positions in which they are kept in the charging slots. More over, this model makes use of eco-friendly and renewable solar energy to charge up the daily used essential gadgets and thus substitutes the conventional electrical energy produced from burning of fossil fuels.


As the charging is completely dependent on solar energy, the device becomes inefficient in cloudy weathers. Charging so many gadgets at the same time will demand a larger voltage output from the solar panel. Thus, the overall charging time will be longer when compared to the time that taken while charging the components individually.

3. Luce solar-powered laptop concept

Luce solar-powered laptop concept

What’s new

This is probably the world’s greenest laptop ever made. It is solely powered by solar energy unlike the previous two models. This includes two solar panels, one at the back of the screen and one beneath the touch sensitive key-pad. The word ‘Luce’ means ‘light’ in Italian. This product weighs about 4 pounds which makes it very light to carry.

What difference will it make

Powered solely by solar energy, this model can suitably considered as the world’s greenest computer. The presence of two solar panels gives a sufficient power input to run the system efficiently. The sleek design and light weight of the product makes it easier to carry.


As this laptop is a cordless model, you will surely face a problem to work with it in the evenings. Though it is backed up by a DC battery, it is insufficient to run the laptop all night long. Using a laptop in the sun puts more load on the battery as you have to increase your screen’s brightness more than the sun’s glare to view it properly.

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