15 edible gadgets made using chocolate


You might have heard about gadgets that make chocolate, but have you ever heard of gadgets made of chocolate? Well, we aren’t talking about plastic gadgets here that look like chocolate, but real and edible chocolate gadgets. However, these are strictly for the die-hard chocolate lovers whose love isn’t affected by its form. Seems yummy, doesn’t it? Well, then check out these gadgets. We bet these would make you rush to your nearest grocery shop (if you don’t have it in your refrigerator of course!)

15 – Gadgets made using chocolate that you can eat

1. Chocolate calculator


A gadget company that manufactures various gadgets such as calculators had come up with its latest new product idea where they started manufacturing calculators which look just alike a chocolate bar. The company has named this product as ‘Choc-U-Lator’. The main aim of creating such products is to attract various customers towards the product. This in turn had got them great sales too.

2. Chocolate shoe

Chocolate shoe

The well known British chocolatier Gerard Coleman created this beautiful shoe made of chocolate and gold tint for a show of a department store. This remained one of the highlights of the show which got many visitors admiring and commenting on its elegant style and shape.

3. Chocolate laptop

Chocolate Laptop

Unlike the old times, in this modern time every one has their own Laptop. Have you ever thought of getting a chocolate laptop? If so, you have to check this out. This laptop is not built with plastic and silicon, but with sugar, milk powder, cocoa butter and cocoa masses making it smell and taste yummmmm..!

4. Chocolate record

Chocolate Record

Do you remember listening to music from records? Probably kids say “no”. This is because the technology has developed in such a rapid state that records are now an old memory. But many people even now like to listen to the music on records. Music with chocolate is a great combination. So one of the chocolatier had carved out a large sized milk chocolate in the form of an old record which makes the sweet music lovers say yum!

5. Chocolate keyboard

Chocolate keyboard


This is yet another creation using chocolate. The chocolate keyboard is designed by Michael Sholk. This could be a perfect gift for computer geeks who spend all their time in front of those bright screens and kicking the letters on the keyboard. The intricate design of the keyboard is so fine that it looks less a chocolate and more a real brown keyboard.

6. Chocolate pencils

Chocolate pencils

This is truly a gift to kids who love pencils and sharpening them again and again. Each pencil has different proportions of cocoa in them making each pencil different in taste and texture from the other one. They also provide a pencil sharpener which is most probably a chocolate sharpener. The grated chocolate from the pencils can be used on deserts for decorations.

7. Chocolate scrabble

One of the most interesting games you would like to play with your family indoors is scrabble. Why not make the game even more sweeter with your family by adding the chocolate tint to it? You heard it right. The scrabble is now available in a bar of dark chocolate manufactured by Mary & Matt. The dark chocolate bar consists of 26 alphabets arranged in row wise. The alphabets can be detached and played or even eaten considering your convenience.

8. Chocolate tool kit

Chocolate Tool Kit

Every car deck consists of a tool kit of its own but what if the Tools are brown in color? You may first feel these are old rusty tools. Have a little closer look and confirm what they are. Yes, they are made of chocolate. It is a chocolate tool kit. Isn’t it unusual and exciting to find something like chocolate in your tool kit? These could be great gifts to people who keep themselves busy with spanners, nuts and bolts all the time.

9. Chocolate shot glasses

Chocolate Shot GlassesThese are made in London using the finest Rococo chocolates. They look exactly like real glasses but brown in color. They have this fine detail all over them which makes them look utterly real. The company which manufactures these glasses have decided to deliver this product in a black container box and a ribbon attached to it which looks elegant a gift.

10. Chocolate pills

Chocolate Pills

Pills, the sound of it alone makes us twinch our faces a little. Most pills are very unpleasant to taste and those pills can cause you a great deal of trouble when you have to give them to your kids. Here are few pills which look just like pills but in-fact they are chocolates. Giving these to your kids after they take their original pills could ease your suffering to a greater extent.

11. iChocolates


Nowadays we see every cell phone is replaced with iPhones and iPads. It is like actually converting the whole world into some kind of ‘iWorld’. So, when there is an ‘i’ linked to every thing in this modern world, even the chocolate companies have decided to add an ‘i’ to their chocolates which thus resulted in ‘iChocolates’. These chocolates resemble 20 varieties of colorful application icons which are edible and made of Chocographic’s technology.

12. 183 square foot chocolate room

Chocolate roomHave you ever dreamt of living in a chocolate world or have you ever thought of having everything around you filled with chocolates? It is possible now. One of the creative ideas with chocolate had made architects create a full room from top to bottom covered in chocolates. This room is 183 square foot with all the furniture, walls, flowers, paintings are all made of chocolates of different colors and densities. This is displayed at a shopping center in Lithuania. Using 611 pounds of chocolate, a team of seven artists had made this room especially for the display on Valentines Day.

13. Chocolate mail box

Mail BoxYou may have seen chocolates in you mailbox but have you ever seen a mailbox made of chocolate? Then here it is. This mailbox is made totally of Godiva chocolate and neatly decorated with various shapes and sizes of white chocolate truffles. This is made in New York for celebrating Valentine’s Day.

14. Chocolate chess set

Chess SetAt-least one person in every three persons name chess as their favorite indoor game. Chess is one of the ancient and interesting brain thriller which is being adored by millions of people all around the world. But did you ever play with a chocolate chess board? Now you can. Houston-based Kegg’s Candies has manufactured the chocolate chess sets by hand. Each part of this game set is made using special blends of chocolate individually. This set could cost you around $39.95.

15. Edible chocolate bed cake

Chocolate Bed cake

This is a super luxury bed. This is called a Luxury not because it offers a good tight sleep but it offers an extensively large yummy chocolate cake designed in the shape of a bed. This was created by Leandro Erlich to attract chocolate lovers all around.

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Final Words

Chocolate, the one thing which no one could ever resist. It is the only thing which is cherished by every age group. Even a little chocolate could do wonders. Chocolates have a special ability to lighten moods and offer a happy environment. Due to this property, chocolate gifts are a tradition in many parts of the world.

On Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day, Diwali and so on, chocolates are bundled up in boxes and given to family and friends as a symbol of sharing happiness. Various researches on chocolates had even proved that chocolate can prevent heart disorders but excess consumption could create adverse effects on your body.

Nowadays chocolates are not only used as an edible thing to eat, but many great innovative ideas had also made chocolate a part of various inventions and creations. In fact, chocolates are going organic too. What you saw in the article, were just few such innovative ideas. There are plenty of brands out there bringing out lip-smacking chocolate flavors.

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