Green Gadgets Guide

Five green gadgets for eco conscious women

With more and more woman getting out in various fields of operation they are using more and more gadgets just like any other guy to make the things easier. According to a study, women use 40 percent of the total consumer electronic gadgets used. Therefore

5 Most interesting solar powered lighting devices

Solar energy is becoming one of the most applied forms of sustainable energy. It has been harnessed since the ages past. With newer technology and a better understanding of how to capture and apply it, there is growing awareness among the masses of exactl

7 Must have features of a green smartphone

The days are gone when the phone meant those big low quality display phones which were just used to make a call or to message someone. This is an era of ultra-cool Smartphone which is not just a phone; they are equally smart to a PC and almost have all

What’s next: Eco friendly printers

As we know itWith the increase in development of digitalized technology, the damage created on our environment is also increasing. Due to these rising concerns, scientists and researchers have come up with alternative energy efficient gadgets. One such in

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