EcoGods: Indonesian granny leads war against trash in Jakarta

harini wibowo1

I suppose you are familiar with the green maxim: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Now it is time to make another addition, i.e. Replant, to the aphorism. Coming from an Indonesian granny, Harini Bambang Wahono, now 78, the cliche has been successfully leading her fellow Indonesians in their fight against the nuisance of garbage. As of now, she is the chairperson of Integrated Waste Management in Banjarsari, Cilandak, South Jakarta.

Her meritorious exploits include over 1,000 training sessions, her list of visitors from 31 of 33 Indonesian provinces and 10 countries. Still she is so modest in portraying her as a nonentity:

I only know that global warming will destroy our earth and we have to save our earth. I am being highly sought after by many, but paid by none. But I am very happy to do that, I am very happy that I can do something for my people, for my country.

Though she loves to flaunt her business card that reads Environmental Care Community, she still stays aloof from any of the communities. Striving hard to restore the polluted city of Jakarta, a mega-city of at least 11 million, and re-green the Banjarsari area, she says she wishes to continue her “activities until the end of my [her] life, maybe, rather than do nothing.”

Image Credit: Wartapraja

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