Je Sung Park offers his disposable laptop made from recycled paper

disposable paper laptop 1

No, I am not talking about the laptop case, nor does the designer Je Sung Park suggest anything of it. Instead, it’s a conceptual disposable laptop to be made from recycled paper or pulp material. No plastic or metal, mind you. So, it’s going to be much cheaper than the most in use nowadays.

disposable paper laptop 5

The delicate gadget flaunts separate layers for speedy replacement in case there’s any damage to the Paper Laptop. If you don’t want to go on with it anymore, you simply dispose of it, and it can be recycled. Anyway, since no one has any problem with the disposable cameras or mobile phones, the concept is perfectly realizable and sensible enough to work on.

disposable paper laptop 4

disposable paper laptop 6

disposable paper laptop 3

disposable paper laptop 2

Via: Yanko Design

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