US Adduces Protections for Jeopardized Right Whales

Pacific right whales are in the brink of extinction. The mammals are the most endangered large whales in the world, with no more than 100 believed to exist, as the Reuters reported. With this concern, some of the world’s last right whales in the Bering Sea will get special protections to boost the animals’ chances of avoiding extinction, the National Marine Fisheries Service informed. Under the NMFS proposal, a 36,750-square-mile area, just outside of southwestern Alaska’s salmon-rich Bristol Bay, would be designated as critical habitat for Pacific right whales. The federal agencies would be required to work with NMFS to ensure that no activities in the area destroy or threaten the whales’ habitat, once the designation becomes official. According to NMFS, the proposal is subject to public review through January 2.

Via: Environmental News Network

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