About the life and Achievements of the blacklisted eco-warrior: Tamsin Omond

Blacklisted for being green, eco-warrior’s shock about being named on notorious surveillance list

It came as a shock, when the eco-green warrior Tamsin Omond was blacklisted and was named on the surveillance list. Eco-warrior Tamsin Omond was kept under surveillance and put on a scandalous construction blacklist along with thousands of workers and protestors. The Union officials believe they were targeted for being most likely to raise health and safety concerns on dangerous construction sites. While Hundreds of workers are still unaware they were blacklisted.

Tamsin Omond, who is a young activist, and leader of “The Commons” a political party and founder of the Climate Rush campaign group, has been blacklisted for being green. The eco-worriers are shocked about then being named on notorious surveillance list;  Tamsin had been arrested in 2008 after scaling roof of Parliament with four other climate campaigners. She is a famous face in UK and is actively participating in green campaign organised by her group Climate Rush. The group have been responsible for numerous stunts including gluing themselves to statues in Houses of Parliament. She has become known as the glamorous face of the green movement and is committed to liberal rights and also actively speaks out about homophobia and lesbian rights.


After blacklisting this environmentalist, now the union is demanding a full public inquiry for the blacklisting and is emphasising on rising activates concerning health and safety issues. Tamsin Omond who is a green campaigner is also being blacklisted, she is one among the 240 whom who appeared in the 3,213 name list of trouble maker. Tamsin convicted of trespassing at Parliament in 2008 during a protest against expansion at Heathrow airport. She is the founder of Climate Rush an environment friendly group  of suffragette that works as a climate action group, that co-ordinates campaigns and protests the latest one is the save England’s Forests campaign. Along with Climate Rush, she is also the founder of The Momentum Project, this is one of the many a good project.

Omond association with the Momentum Project marked a milestone, i.e. a new voluntary organisation that hopes to connect East London communities with the sustainable businesses that are moving into the area. It is because of her efforts that The Mayor of London and the Mayor of Newham have announced a Green Enterprise Zone which will release massive business investment in Newham and the Royal Docks.  Together they create a radical vision for London, where the needs of local people and the needs of local businesses unite, thus enabling business and job opportunities for the locals.


Tamsin Omond is a British author, an environmentalist, a journalist and has been actively associated with the campaigns for government of UK to take action to avoid man-made climate change she believes in “Deeds Not Words”. Tamsin Omond left university with one ambition to become the first female Archbishop of Canterbury, but after reading a popular science book about climate change she had to rethink her goal and since then she has been associated with numerous projects, campaigns associated to being green.

This is not the first time she had been blacklisted, but Omond was also prepared for life imprisonment in the year 2008 when has also organised protests against the Expansion of London Heathrow Airport. Then in 2010 General election Omond created a new independent party “The Commons”. That plan to engage young people in voting and promote sustainability in the local area. She is a popular activist and social worker in UK and has been placed in the Sunday Times’ Top 30 Power Players Under-3o and was placed in 3rd place in the Daily Mail’s 50 “most powerful posh people in Britain under 30”.

She as a writer has also done great job in 2009, she published her first book The Rush- The making of a Climate Activist, she has also written articles about climate change and human rights features in major newspapers and magazines.

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