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Are you in search of eco-friendly printer ribbons? Then the ID whole sellers would be your right choice to find the best printer ribbons. The zebra technology corporation is the world’s leading manufacturer which has been producing the ID card printers for desktop, and their new innovations includes the introduction of eco-friendly and easier to use ribbons. Besides, these ribbons are specially designed for the P110i, P100I and zebra id-card printers. As there are many companies which are offering the ribbons, it might be really difficult for you in finding the zebra technology printer ribbons.


Specialty of zebra printer ribbons:

In fact it might consume some hours together for finding these ribbons. Thus you could choose the ID wholesalers which are he top ID-badge eco-friendly products retailer to purchase the Zebra printer ribbons. The specialty of these ribbons is that, they are easy to use and eco-friendly and this is the reason why people around the world usually opt to purchase these ribbons. Another notable feature of these zebra id printers is that, they biodegrades at a very faster rate in water, soil, compost and also in contact with the micro organisms. These ribbons are also recyclable and are made up of very negligible amounts of plastic.


Its open new design helps in

  • Removing and installing the ribbon from a printer
  • In changing the cleaning roller
  • A user can easily identify the type of ribbon in the open new designs
  • They can be easily repaired when tears occurs
  • A user can easily remove the ribbon to collect the sensitive data stored in it


You could visit the pages related to the zebra eco-friendly ribbons in order to find more information on their old and new ribbons. You can also consult their team by making a call to (800) 321-4405. ID wholesalers also offer the photo identification products at a very low price to their customers. Besides, they also offer software supplies, ID card systems and printers and some other badge accessories of the leading manufacturers. You can go through the reviews of their customers in order to find out how fabulous their products work. Besides, their professionals will be available to you 24hours, thus you can consult them if you have any doubts regarding their services and products.


Their main priority is to satisfy their customers always, and in fact they will only offer the products of leading manufacturers. In other words we can say that ID wholesalers are a one stop to find the top branded products which works for several years without troubling you. The ID wholesalers are also having some online stores too, and the main reason behind the introduction of these stores is to assist their customers in saving their money and time. They also offer some discounts too for their regular customers, and no doubt in it you will definitely get surprised on seeing the products in ID wholesalers online stores.


Why ID wholesalers?

All you have to do is place the order and they will deliver you the product within a very less time. Besides, they will not charge any shipping charges too. They will also offer you the single sided card printers, duplex card printers, laminating card printers too. The different photo id systems which the ID wholesalers are offering are single sided id systems, laminating id systems and duplex id systems. The various manufacturers which the ID wholesalers deal with are Fargo supplies, Eyolis supplies and Zebra supplies. While the various software’s which they are offering are entry level software, full featured software and mid level software’s. The different ID cars which you can find in this store are PVC cards, pre-printed cards and proximity cards. Moreover, their stores would be the right choice to find the fabulous cameras.





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