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19 Most amazing kinetic sculptures made using recycled materials

Sculptures made from recycled materials like plastic, metals, electronic waste etc. stand out unique in one way or the other. The jaw dropping sculptures not only mesmerize you but will leave you in the aura of awe. So come, join our journey to check out

Most amazing kinetic sculptures made using recycled materials

10 Innovative paper jewelry

With the increasing awareness of people towards the preservation of natural resources and growing eco-conscious, a revolution has started all over the world to opt for products that do not deplete the environment. Together with it, people are also emphasi

Comic bracelets

The Best of Artwork made from e-waste

Landfills are dumped with waste every day and it is very important to decrease the load chucked on these waste grounds. One very hazardous type of waste thrown out of our home is electronic devices and components. These contain many harmful chemicals that

Haribaabu Naatesam e-waste art

10 Masterpieces of art created using moss

How well can you make use of moss? A masterpiece is one that makes you understand the world differently. When an art form is used in an aesthetic way then it has all the charms that can rekindle your inner soul. People who are concerned about this green

Terraform Sculpture

15 brilliant examples of LED art

LED art is a form of light art created by using numerous LEDs. Many artists and sculptors use LEDs to create stunning designs of display.The incorporation of LEDs in light art is due to the low cost of LEDs, long life and low power consumption that ensure


Spanish artist creates art out of recycled trash!

If you are a lover of art and a sucker or recycled stuff, you now have double reason to praise the art still more. Created by artists Cristins and Gustavo from workshop CG recycled art, these art forms are made by recycling and reusing waste…

Spanish artist creates art out of recycled trash

12 – Gigantic sculptures made from recycled materials

The recycled product is becoming so popular that there is no stopping to it. Everyday some creative sculpture or product is made out of recycled products. These recycled sculptures not only look good but also reminds us that the waste products can be ea

Gigantic sculptures made from recycled materials

CD Blossom: A flower collection made from recycled CDs

Compact Disc which we fondly address as a CD is used to store digital data. In this technology driven world this optical disc holds a very important place in our life. Its rainbow colored surface add a mystic charm and is capable of storing all the…

recycled CDs
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