Green Art Guide

Five most creative gingerbread houses

One can make cookies, cake, house and castles (miniatures) or any other shape they can imagine using gingerbread. In U.S., there is a popular trend of making gingerbread cookies and houses, especially during Christmas season. Even in schools, children are

Gingerbread Smithsonian Castle

Recycled Art: 10 products made from recycled aluminum cans

The ubiquitous aluminum can has many applications beyond packaging. Thanks to the innovation of some artists who know just how to reuse something that is perhaps nothing more than a waste product. It is a unique raw material which has many expressions of

products made from recycled aluminum cans

Five awesome book sculptures – Arts and artists

Ever thought of how artists create magic sculptures from books? Well, book sculpture is a comparatively newer trend, but it has already left people spell-bound. Let us know about 5 most amazing book sculptors and their grand creations:

Plastic lamps: Lightning the candles of positivity

What could be better than turning plastic from being a ‘pirate’ in the environment to something ‘pleasant’ which could beautify our homes? Plastic bottles are non biodegradable and hence, cause a lot of harm to the environment we live in. Why not follow t

Five amazing artworks made with matchsticks

Creativity has no limits and some artists have literally proven the same with their extraordinary works of art made from run-of-the-mill items. Take for example the magnificent artworks created with just matchsticks, which include replica of world famous

Artist creates stunning artwork from broken glass

The first thing that we do after encountering broken or useless glass anywhere near our premises is to throw it out. But if you were Bryan Northup, an oak park artist, you will just jump with joy at finding the only ingredient that he uses for his art wor

Ten amazing art pieces crafted from old junk

The thought of an artwork made out of old used junk doesn’t seem that appealing to our sensibilities. But some artists have rubbished that thought with their innovative creations that can actually be an inspiration for our generations to use wisely and re

10 inspiring pieces of art made using old cutlery

Recycled art and craft have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. The importance of saving earth is kicking into everyone’s mind and looking at the stunning designs that recycled products shape out into, the effort is entirely appreciable and the

Fembot: A sculpture made from recycled junk

Gabriel Dishaw’s Fembot is an amazing sculpture of a female robot made out of upcycled junk! The innovative junk artist and sculptor’s passion for turning old metallic junk into an art work is purely the work of a keen imagination and a lot of focus.

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