10 most bizarre crafts created from e-waste

Interfolding Signals

The world is generating electronic waste by tonnes now. In fact, around two-thirds of our toxic waste is electronic. Therefore, more than any other type of waste, it calls us to imply the three R’s to it. There are various ways and methods to deal with this waste are constantly being devised. The best part about them is, you can even utilize them creatively to make some eye-catching artwork. The use of wires and circuits in your artworks would give them the much-desired modern technological feel. When you have a slight creative side, it wouldn’t be that difficult. You would find plenty and more tutorials for that online. Furthermore, as inspirations, you can also check out the works of pros in this field. These designers have found simple and complicated ways to convert this seemingly ugly waste into pieces of beauty. We examine 10 such bizarre crafts made from e-waste.

10 – Bizarre crafts from recycled materials

1. Floppy Disk Lamp

Floppy Disk Lamp

The floppy disk is a forgotten product and nobody would want to use a 1.44 MB storage device today. Millions of such disks are being laid waste. If you have hundreds of these multicolored disks lying around, here is an en’light’ened idea for you. Thread them all together in a simple DIY project and get yourself a beautiful and unique lamp which holds a bulb of your choice.

2. Sci-fi masks

Sci-fi masks

The best thing about sci-fi is that anything can pass in the name of fiction! Using this characteristic, you can make yourself crazy-looking but unique sci-fi masks from computer parts that would otherwise form a junk heap. These masks and ingenuous in their design and kids can come alive as realistic looking aliens and robots.

3. Recycled Circuit Board Clock

Recycled Circuit Board Clock

A real geeky clock made from a discarded circuit board and an old CD, this clock will make an intelligent piece on your study table. The numbers on its face are all represented by many schematic and logic symbols. It is a neat way to recycle old circuit boards. Though powered by a simple circuit and a battery, it sure looks futuristic and geeky.

4. Recycled clock

Recycled clock

The effort to go green can spawn some really crazy and weird-looking ideas too. That seems to be the motivation for this recycled clock – going green in a weird manner! A broken CD or DVD serves as the dial and a host of other discarded computer parts and accessories form the indicators for the numbers on its face.

5. Recycled computers Giant Installation

Recycles computer Giant Installation

Now the idea gets crazier! There are hundreds of keyboards that are discarded every day. The keys in these boards have been strung together in an intelligent and measured manner to arrive with a giant suit that may not exactly suit you! If you thought that was mind-boggling, you should have a look at the entire home installed from old computer parts made by the same designer. Crazy but charming we have to admit. It’s one of the best ways to make art out of old keyboards.

6. Circuit Board Car

Circuit Board Car

Taking recycling electronic parts to an altogether new dimension, we have a car that has been entirely designed and constructed of discarded circuit boards. Please don’t ask anything about its sturdiness and safety but this idea is one hell of a crazy green one.

7. WEEE man

WEEE man

Waste has always been considered as something ugly, dirty and troublesome. Who would have thought that some day we would appreciate these wastes as fine arts? That is exactly what the WEEE man designed by the British Royal Society of Arts is. Made entirely from discarded electronic wastes, the WEEE man seeks to inspire people to reduce their wasteful tendencies and start reducing their wants and reusing resources. Weighing more than 3 tons, the WEEE man stands tall at the Eden Project in Cornwall.

8. Sculptures by the Sea

Sculptures by the Sea

It is a known fact that a huge mass of plastic has formed an island in the Pacific ocean, choking and killing life in the waters. Pleading to save the flora and fauna from destruction by non-degradable wastes are these giant sculptures that stand tall along the Bondi to Tamarama coastline in Australia. Made as part of an annual event, the sculptures have been made by participants from over 15 countries.

9. Interfolding Signals

Interfolding Signals

All sorts of electronic junk has been utilized in making this fan. From the Electric Empire Collection of Reed Easley, this fan has been constituted from old clock gears, discarded circuit boards, broken vinyl records, stainless steel springs, wasted industrial tubing and a few brass beads. A simple wire holds all these in place and converts them into a beautiful looking hand fan.

10. Typewriters’ sculpture

Typewriters' sculpture

Jeremy Mayer is a designer who specializes in making bizarre crafts like human and animal figurines from discarded materials. This is a novel way of recycling waste into forms of art that will be treasured and cherished. An instance is this human face that has been modeled from an old and discarded typewriter. The animal and human bodies are wholly constructed from broken typewriter parts and take days to make. The end result is breath taking and an Eco-friendly art piece.

Some ways of managing e-waste

Apart from opting to make any of those bizarre crafts, there are many other ways too to recycle e-waste in an eco-friendly way. Let’s take a look at some of them.

1. Look for refurbished products

Refurbished article

Before buying any new product make sure you look in the market for refurbished versions of that product. Refurbished articles are old products that are restored to work like new ones in appearance as well as in working.

2. Contact the company before buying

If you must buy a new product, try to contact the company of the previous one. You might be able to donate the product and they can reuse it for manufacturing newer products. Many companies today have green initiative and reusing is a part of it

3. Opt for hardware replacement

Opt for hardware replacementTry to look for components that when attached to the old item will make it work like a new one since usually the replacement of hardware can be the reason for the newer version of item.

4. Look for green electronics

Many companies today offer greener options in electronics. Using them can help in preserving the environment.

5. Reuse batteries

batteries in automobiles and phones can prove to be hazardous

Reusing batteries is another good measure but you should know its type before recycling it. Laptop and mobile phone batteries may not be hazardous. On the other hand, batteries in automobiles and phones can prove to be hazardous and should be dealt with carefully. Either return them to the company or contact some local automobile support which can reuse them effectively

6. Recycle cell phones

Cell phone recycling is one of the biggest way with which we can help our environment by reducing greenhouse emissions.

7. Buy durable products

Buy durable products

Make sure you look after your electronic item so they last long and do not buy a new product without giving proper consideration.

Companies that can help you in recycling

There are companies nowadays that are recycling e-waste. Few of them are Attero Recycling, Karma Recycling, e-WaRDD, WorldLoop and Sims recycling solution. Attero in India converts metals like platinum, selenium and gold into jewelry, metal plates and art. It also helps in refurbishing products thereby playing its part in e waste asset management. Companies like Google, DELL and Apple are promoting the recycling of e waste more than ever.


Every individual should take the above measures seriously, as the concept of e-waste touches every human being today. Electronic items are a part of our daily lives and their use and reuse is our responsibility. Next time you go in the market to buy a new product, make sure you remember these points and help your environment in the smallest way you can. And if you want to turn your waste computer into one of the bizarre crafts mentioned in the article then feel free to give vent to your creativity.

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