New Age Recycle Bins from Hong Kong

Slowly and steadily, people are getting to understand the importance of recycling. The waste that we create is becoming visible to us. We are beginning to realize that the best way to deal with it is not by finding new dumbing space. In fact, the best way to deal with it is by creating less waste in the first place. Apart from opting for eco-friendly and degradable products, the best thing that we can do is pay more and more attention to recycling. The first step in doing so is optimizing our recycle bins in such a way that we can segregate the waste items that we can either recycle or compost. We can learn from countries like South Korea and China how to recycle efficiently.

New Age Recycle Bins from Hong Kong

The Chinese have done it again. However, time with good and immediate effect concerning the move for good old recycling. It so happens that with so much happening in the world of the green revolution, conservation of resources and recycling, there was definitely a need for some good manner of binning things as well.

Therefore, that is exactly what the researchers from Hong Kong has done. They ended up inventing a brilliant set of new and improved recycle bins. Apart from the usual line of innovative recycling bins, this all-new invention has made some additions to it. Therefore, it has dished out the ‘GO Recycling Bins.’

The Special Features


For many of us, the whole concept of recycling is noble, but new. In fact, laws and regulations concerning recycling have still not been implemented by the different Federal governments properly and with effect, yet.

However, in case of any event, many of us for whom recycling is not a new concept are wary of taking care of it owing to laziness and of course blatant bother. In such circumstances, Goodss Passions, a design firm based in Hong Kong had come up with this brilliant concept.

Moreover, the usual binning systems had its unique set of problems. The first problem was the problem of sorting. For one, in order to do take care of the process effectively, one needs to sort the garbage accordingly and only then bin it properly.

The same goes for recycling. There needs to be very particular sorting methods in order to take effect. Normally, this does not matter much. However, when there are kids in the household or too much which bogs one’s schedule down, this whole process of sorting turns out to be a big deal.

With this new invention, there is absolutely no need to go into so much trouble.

The Whole Deal

The set of dustbins are created in a manner. It has a set of design right on the top for ease and speed. In the basic set, one will be able to see a separate counter each for tins, carton and of course bottles.

The unique design leaves no room for confusion. One can see the unique shaped mock things right on top of the bins.

In fact, one can also bid goodbye to the troublesome labels and all which seemed impossible to be followed. Complete with a push pedal, the system of recycling has never been so easier. Moreover, one simply is encouraged to recycle just for the sake of using these designer, adorable pieces.

Some more eco-friendly recycle bins ideas

1. Solar streetlights with dustbins

Solar streetlights with dustbinsWhile the electric street lighting consumes a high percentage of electricity, solar street lighting secures road safety efficiently. In addition to this, it also produces a considerable economic as well as environmental saving. The City Context was announced as the winner of the 2011 IDEA (international design excellence awards) Award, which is organized by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA). It combines the solar streetlight with color-coded garbage bin. This helps in off the rubbish in separate bins, which one can collect by the waste collectors.

The concept is simply sustainable. The City Context concept has been designed by Chun-Wei Hsu, Song-Jung Chen,Li-Te Lo, Tai-Yen Lee & Cheng-Yu Tsai. An intelligent idea, the City Context streetlight-cum-waste bin could be of great use the in the cities as well as rural areas.

We have come across people who do not bother about the impact of waste on mother earth at all. On the other hand, we have also seen people who live the motto of green living and high thinking. These people actually care about the environment and therefore pick up the rubbish, thrown even by others and dispose it in the garbage bins. So live green, or else prepare yourself to face the hazardous consequences of Nature’s fury in the future.

2. Reused plastic recycle bins

Reused plastic recycle binsHow about a Frankenstein trash bin peering from the corner of your kitchen this season? Scared at the idea? Keep cool, the bins certainly don’t have that much of a scary appearance, but the concept connects to the Frankenstein’s story to great extent. It’s synonymous to the idea of recycling and giving new life to the otherwise waste materials in a completely different, but very stunning way. May be, we won’t feel odd if someday we come to know that reusing and recycling came into being following Frankenstein’s concept in later days.

The wastebaskets crafted by the German designer Cordula Kehr reminds us of Frankenstein’s story once again in true sense. The baskets are made of reclaimed plastic bins and harvested woven rattan. Rattan being a sustainable natural material imparts sustainability to products made out of it and when combined with the colorful plastics, gives citable contrast both in color and texture. These baskets for collecting recyclables at your homes are being produced by the indigenous Aeta people of Philippines under guidance of the fair trade NGO Preda. The baskets are green, dependable at longevity and a sure treat for eyes seeking beauty in audacity.

3. Recycled trash bins

Recycled trash binsAlmost every office these days is making way for sustainable products as they are friendly to the environment and help in reducing the carbon footprint. Trash bins are commonly used in every office premise and they are made from plastic which is not good for the planet. Recycled trash bins on the other hand are sustainable in nature.

These trash bins are as efficient and the best thing about them is that they are made from recycled plastic. These trash bins are from Terra cycle and are made from products which would otherwise be seen in landfills. They are extremely useful and becoming quite popular as they look good and are friendly to the environment as well.

4. Sortify: Trash bin

SortifySwedish firm Återvinningslösningar has come up with the Sortify trash can that aims to eliminate plastic, paper and glass waste out of the city lanes and malls. The trash can sorts the rubbish with no trouble as the four-chambered container makes recycling extremely effortless. Five cities in Northern Sweden have already shown interest in buying these cans.

Anyhow, just by placing these trash-collectors at the right spots won’t make a difference unless people exhibit common sense in disposing trash into the respective chambers. The last slot is exclusively meant for those who still confuse it.

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