10 Interesting ways to recycle your old Jeans

Recycle Old Jeans

They say wine and fish should never be dated; the older the better. I’d like to add jeans to the list. There is something about denims that the older it gets the more lovable and likeable it becomes. People swear by their jeans and this fabric has been interwoven into the spirits of young and old folks alike. But like all good things jeans too must come to an end. But even so it’s not the end of the line for the fabric, for with a little bit of ingenuity and creativity thrown in your old jeans can serve you in new ways. Here are 10 interesting ways to recycle your old jeans:

1. Raw denim coffee cozy

Raw denim coffee cozy

This is one idea that can spare your hands from being scalded by paper cup-served hot coffee. With a little bit of smart tailoring and a bit of denim you can make a snug little coffee cozy that fits the cup right. What’s more this itsy-bitsy cozy can double up as a stylish wrist band or simply be carried around in the pocket for future latte trips.

2. Blue Jean Bean Bag Chair

Blue Jean Bean Bag Chair

Ever thought about having a bean bag? Make one yourself with your old jeans and waste Styrofoam packing material. Here is the DIY part – cut and stitch the leg portion of two denims to form a width of cloth. Stitch the two ends together to form a cylinder, and then stitch up one end to form a bag. Fill in the foam pellets and stitch up the mouth to form a nice, snug, self-made comfy denim bean bag.

3. Woven Recycled Denim Charpai Cot

Woven Recycled Denim Charpai Cot

For those new to the word ‘charpai’ it is a traditional Indian cot whose literal meaning would be ‘four legs’. Here is an idea by Siddharth Hirwani that mixes traditional East and traditional West: a woven recycled denim charpai cot. A contender at The Ecouterre Recycled Denim Challenge, the traditional cot has a recycled denim weaving forming a sturdy cot.

4. Doggie Vest

Doggie Vest

For those who love their dogs as much as their old jeans, this is a good way to pass on their old faithfuls and give it a new lease of life as a doggie vest. The one featured is a design by Justina Blakeney and is a finalist at the Recycled Denim Challenge.

5. Recycled denim saddle bag

Recycled denim saddle bag

Old jeans too can be a hot couture item. This is what Miranda Chance is turning old denims into, elegant and stylish handbags aptly named ‘Chance’ which alludes to the second chance given to the old jeans. The fabric combined with wool, leather, zips and clasps are once more turned into loveable possessions.

6. Recycled Denim Knit Mobius Scarf

Denim Knit Mobius Scarf

In continuing the couture theme, here is another proof that recycled denims can be turned into an elegant accessory, this time a scarf. Amanda Cinco used denim and wool to craft an exquisite recycled denim knit Mobius scarf. All it took to create this pretty thing was old denims and a good idea.

7. Recycled Denim Area Rug

Recycled Denim Area Rug

Here is one idea that would require not only your old jeans but that of your friends and family too – a recycled denim area rug. What it needs is lots of old denims, and lots of weaving and braiding. It took Alison King six months to make this 8.5×10.5 foot area rug. Made up of more than 120 pairs of jeans Alison’s rug is a literal storehouse of sweet memories.

8. Denim Skull Baby Shoes

Denim Skull Baby Shoes

Move over nappies, this baby is old enough for denims. Old denims are a fabric good enough for anything, even baby shoes. Lisa Williams designed and made these Jolly Roger badged shoes for babies. Lined with felt that is denim colored, these shoes are soft, warm and tough.

9. Denim Scatter Rug

Denim Scatter Rug

It’s hard to believe that old jeans can be turned into something this beautiful. Joyce’s denim scatter rug is inspired by her grandmother’s handmade scatter rugs. This rug requires lots of old denims, little bit of stitching skill and lots of patience. The result as everybody can see is a mesmerizing rug.

10. Denim Laptop Case Carryall

Denim Laptop Case Carryall

Everybody loves jeans, even inanimate laptops. A recycled denim product that would please geeks and fashionistas alike, Betty Mathers created the denim laptop case, lined and padded for extra protection, complete with pockets for cables, mouse and CDs. Made from a pair of recycled jeans, this stylish case even has a zipped pocket.

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