Mimicking Nature: Artificial trees to generate solar energy

Artificial trees

The concept

From past several years, the somber ecological imbalance is incessantly reported. The unbalanced nature is completely reflected through countless natural calamities such as global warming, frequent earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and many more. Excessive industrialization, urbanization and deforestation are also some of the major causes responsible. Ultimately, the air composition is also get affected by uncontrolled rise in carbon dioxide level. As a result of it, the artificial tree concept is introduced in order to have control upon carbon dioxide level. Researches stated that it will be the best possible way to counteract the consequences, resulted from extreme fossil fuel usage. The artificial tree is mainly designed by one of the geo-physicist professor Klaus Lackner from New York city. The main function of artificial tree is to make its surrounding fresh by simply absorbing carbon dioxide present in the air. Hence, artificial tree exactly functions like natural green tree in our environment.

What differences will it make

Artificial tree can make a huge difference in maintaining the environment. As it functions exactly the way all green natural trees do. The main highlight being the artificial trees require very less maintenance from our side, as they never demand for basic requirements such as water, sunlight or chemicals like fertilizers for their existence. All they require is to be cleaned at definite interval of time. This artificial creation also does not require to be cut at regular basis, as they are available with constant size and length. At the same time, you just do not have to worry about plantation as they are easily transferable and unaffected by any climate. You can also make a choice of packing them for some time. Besides, you do not have to take extra care about all infections and insects or animals around them.

The possibilities

Apart from reducing the excessive amount of carbon dioxide in the air, various other benefits are also expected to be associated with artificial trees. For example, it is being planned to make use of artificial trees in trapping solar energy. The solar power is one of the efficient non-polluted sources for energy generation. The only drawback of solar power generation process is to arrange the large space for its storage. However, this concept is tried to be applied in case of artificial trees. The main highlight is minimal space will be required by artificial trees. The mechanism will involve the transference of sunlight to the shaded portion of the tree. Then the translucent leaves will allow the passage of sunlight through them with as ease. Consequently, a convenient way of solar power production can be done as compared to conventional huge solar systems. At the same time, wind and rain conditions may also be used for power generation. The artificial tree leaves will actually act as a solar generators build with special materials. This composition will really help them to generate the maximum power production with assembled use of sunlight, rain and wind sources. Presently, consistent developments and experiments are being performed with solar palm tree.


1. Urban field

Urban Field

As the name reflects, this kind of artificial tree is extremely suitable for urban areas. Such artificial trees are designed with the ability of consuming wind energy in order to light up all LED lights in night time. This technical creation is basically works for electric power generation by using rainwater as a source. The collected rainwater is stored under the earth surface in the form of water table. The turf is also made around the artificial trees, so that solar energy can also be trapped to some extent. Hence, overall one of the best ways to attain the go green concept.

2. The solar tree

Solar Tree

Are you seriously fed up with paying so much money via your electric bills? Then the solar tree can be one of the helpful options in cutting down your expenses. This particular artificial tree is entirely based on absorption of sunlight. The absorbed solar energy via sunlight will be used to generate electric power. The solar tree is made from blend of molded form of plastic and stainless steel. This technology based tree is favorable with all possible conditions of climate. Since its height is about fifty to seventy five feet, hence it easily accessible for sufficient trap of sunlight and high speed winds. The base of the tree is decided for the placement of battery arrangement. All kind of powers are get stored in bottom battery region of the tree. At the same time, internal meter system is also provided for monitoring all power production. The connection of inside battery is also attached with home wiring system in order to have electricity. However, fronds of the tree are mainly designed for placing wind turbines in vertical position. Each frond is consists of photo-voltaic cell for solar energy conservation. The trunk part of the tree is made to settle some more solar cells with connection of upper turbine as well, through wireless connection. All mechanism works on the principle of induction. Therefore, solar tree is very user friendly form of artificial trees.

3. The light tree

The Light Tree

The appearance of these light trees is really very beautiful and develops a magnificent view. The sole use of this light tree is street lightning. The only drawback associated with this kind is the over complicated design and materials used. Basically, solar cells are placed inside of it which transfers the power to LED placed at the bottom through water. However, the entire set up demands a very complicated design for just a single purpose of street lightning.

4. Artificial tree

Artificial tree

Electric power generation from renewable source of energy always sounds great. Artificial trees are such trees which make use of three main renewable sources such as sunlight, wind and rain. The leaf of these special types of trees is named as nano leaf. The nano leaf will not only comprise of solar and thermal cells, also consist of branches for making use of wind energy for electricity generation. This entire set up may fulfill the complete requirement of households. Research is still on to advance its usage in respect of street and park lightning or power motorways.

In current time, research is still continued for final design of artificial trees. Until then, huge solar machines and wind turbines are efficient enough to fulfill the solar power production.

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