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Green searching

The world is adapting an eco friendly approach towards life. The internet has brought in a revolution in the field of ecological information sharing. Green search engines are the best innovations that existing search engines provided to eco-conscious users. These search engines search the content and deliver the results, filtering out the non-ecological approaches. These search engines can be used to focus information based research towards ecological development. Google and Yahoo have further popularized the concept, where they donate the advertising amount of these searches for charitable cause. However, they have very stringent mechanism for these green search engines against fooling the system for raising money. Therefore, there are three kinds of green search engines. The first are the search engines that donate amount for charity, second are the search engines based on ecological web searching and the final types are based on general searching with an ecological angle. Here are five best search engines based on the above criteria for searching green. Read on.

1. EcoSearch


This search engine designed by David Krasnow is very simple. There are some charitable sites listed in the about section, which get the direct benefit of the searches made. The search engine developer uses this platform to funnel the advertising funds of these companies to charitable causes. The site has an option where you can request to add your charity organization as the recipient of the fund. The fund distribution is very transparent and developer does not a keep single penny of search engine generated funds.

2. Blackle:


This is a search engine based on the third category. Blackle is actually a Google based search engine that has a black background rather than the Google’s traditional white. The developer based the idea with LCD based laptops. These laptops use CCFL technology to power the screen. Using a black screen actually lowers the CCFL intensity that characterizes the low power consumption. The search engine is getting rapidly popular due to its cool black look and its role in electricity saving. The developer claims that 2,697,267.488 units of energy have been saved by users to do internet searches on Google based Blackle.

3. Green Maven:

Green mavern

This search engine is more focused on providing the best searches based on authentic environmental information. They are powered by Google customized search engine. It searches more than 1 million authentic websites for content searching. You can search for sustainable tourism, eco-fashion and other eco friendly things from their editor-approved directories. You can also submit a review of any ecological product for cataloging. They also track on ecological tweets in the twitter micro-blog section.

4. Ecoseek


This is another good search engine which is based on eco friendly product choices of the user. The website does not contribute to charity. However, it is a great platform to search products. It is very user friendly. It catalogs different priority based searching at different tabs to give more access making it quite informational. They also host lot of deals and have an option of selling ecological products made by you.

5. Ecocho:


It is search engine based on yahoo search. They use the entire yahoo search algorithm. They are not funding any charitable organization. However, they plant two trees for every 1000 searches. The 30% of the advertisement fund goes towards the running of the website. It is very efficient in terms of searching as it is just a neatly wrapped Yahoo search engine. The website also offers a black screen searching based on the concept of Blackle to save more energy. It also offers search engine tool bars and plugins to popularize and ease the Ecocho searching. The directory is also well equipped with ecological contacts and popular searches.

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