Green Technology Guide

Five software that can reduce the energy consumption of your PC

Green revolution, a path to conserve resources effectively, requires not only switching over to the humble “reuse and recycling” theme but also to efficiently manage one’s power consumption which is scare. One step in this technologically advanced era is

What’s next: Self powered medical implants

A medical implant is a man-made device used to replace, support or enhance the functions of biological structure of the body. In strong contrast a transplant is a biomedical tissue. Various categories of implants are Surface implants: The implants that

7 Eco friendly web hosting providers

Green web hosting is one of the latest trends in business and it requires a carbon-neutral server. Now most of the webs hosting companies have started developing an environment friendly method. This will help to run their business in an unprejudiced way.

What is the latest development in solar power technology?

I am the student at MIT. I have to prepare a report on ‘Solar Power Technology.’ I am preparing my report but I want to also write about the latest development happening in the field of solar power. So I want help from the people who are expert in thi

Everything I need to know about gratzel cells

Gratzel cells are a good alternative to the silicon based solar cells which are costly and hence not that efficient to produce. These Gratzel cells are made from Titanium dioxide which are cheaper and widely available when compared to the silicon solar ce

What’s next: Technologies to power your house with water

As we know itThe human civilization is heavily dependent on energy usage. Our homes use electricity for lighting, heating water, for the appliances we use and for our communication and entertainment needs. All of us are aware of the anger and frustration

What’s next: Flywheel energy storage system

As we know itFly wheel is a great way to store the energy which you can use when needed.The working of flywheel energy storage is done by accelerating the rotor at a high speed and marinating the energy in system as rotational energy. The flywheels rotati

What’s next: Eco friendly UAVs for the future

As we know it With growing complexities, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) have become an integral part of present day military operations. This reduces the loss of human lives and helps in providing information about the otherwise difficult terrains. Those

Future Perfect: Converting waste heat into usable energy

Humans have come a far way ahead since the dawn of civilization. Humans with their rarest intelligence and power to innovate came up with miraculous works and wonders to make life simpler and easy to live. Mankind conquered diseases, created a safe enviro

The Good, Bad and the Ugly about Carbon Capture and Storage

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is a latest rescuing technology against the threat of global climatic change. It is effective in resolving both the problems of power supply and protecting the environment at the same time. The fossil fuels which takes mil

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