4 Reasons Why New E-Commerce Site Temu Won’t Disappoint You

Reasons Why New E-Commerce Site Temu Won't Disappoint You

Temu, a new global online marketplace in the e-commerce space is making a name of its own by slowly but surely shifting customers’ attention from its other rival. This notion can be seen from Temu’s latest achievement on its average daily gross merchandise value (GMV) which has surpassed $1.5 million in only 3 months after its launching in September. Before that, Temu was also able to surpass its other contender as the most downloaded shopping app in the Playstore (in September) and Appstore (in October). Further ensuring that it has sneaked inside the customer’s heart and won’t go away anytime soon!

Still in doubt to make your purchase on Temu’s platform? Keep on reading to find 4 reasons why the new e-commerce Temu won’t disappoint you below!

1.  High-quality and affordable products

Finding everything you need is made easy with Temu. On this one platform, you will be able to purchase anything you want. Looking for a winter fashion to get you prepared for December? Home appliances to help you décor your house for the holiday season? Or electronics to support your daily activities? No worries, all of these can be acquired easily on the tips of your fingers.

Temu can get these many different products by tapping into its sister company, Pinduoduo, with more than 11 million notable global suppliers. This chain of the network is full of top global manufacturers, so rest assured though the product price on Temu is lower than most of its rivals –it does not mean that you will get a disappointing quality of products. Temu creates a strict policy for all of its manufacturers regarding product quality and safety matters, to help customers get the most out of their shopping experience.

2.  Prompt shipment delivery

Temu sources all of its products internationally to U.S. soil. But worry not, it won’t take you a long time to get your hands on your newly purchased products. The shipping process will only take around 7 – 15 business days, but most customers agreed that it will only take 10 days for their purchase to finally arrive at the doorstep.

Temu also offers a new express shipping option for all customers who need their products to arrive even faster. This express shipment will help to cut delivery time to a week, and you will get this benefit for free if your purchase is above $99!

Temu’s shipping policy is made special for its customers. Thus why, there are lots of policies that give the best advantage to customers. The most recent one is by giving a %5 delivery incentive for any late shipping incurred on Temu.

3.  Purchase protection policy

By purchasing your products at Temu you will also be eligible to get the benefit of its purchase protection policy. If the products customers received are damaged, or not as satisfying as you thought they might be, customers can easily request a refund by returning the product to Temu’s warehouse. With Temu’s purchase protection policy, you can shop with full confidence knowing that Temu will give you a refund even if problems happened with the items you purchase.

4.  Customer service is available to reach anytime

If you have any issues while shopping with Temu, you can easily contact its customer service on the website or shopping platform. Temu customer service is available to reach you anytime you need and assist you in every way.

To contact them is very easy, you just need to click on the tab “24/7 support” on Temu’s homepage (next cart symbol). You will go directly to another page which gives you an option whether you want to get assistance through a phone call or chat. As easy as pie right?.

Temu knows that clients who shop online might be let down, due to a reason or two when shopping on any e-commerce platform. This is why they created a total customer-centric policy, which helps customers to not only get their hands on top-notch products but also an excellent shopping experience!

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