5 countries that are most prepared to adopt renewable energy

United Kingdom's offshore energy

With global warming is taking its toll, researchers are looking toward renewable energy sources as a resort to handle climatic change problems. This is because we all need energy to power our technology dependent lives and there could be nothing better than generating energy via renewable sources. According to an estimate, renewable energy resources, such as wind, solar, and ocean energy, will account for more than 80% of the global energy requirements by the year 2050. Governments of various countries have already started campaigns stressing the positive effects of using renewable energy resources. Given below is a list of 5 countries that are most prepared to adopt renewable energy sources

1. The United States

United States renewable energy

Researchers are working on alternative energy technologies and various experiments to produce efficient vehicles are being conducted in numerous universities and colleges across the country. Government is supporting this green move and feels optimistic about switching to energy sources and replacing fossil fuels. President Obama marks it a new era of energy exploration and has plans for almost doubling renewable energy within next few years. This will not only make the United States produce its own energy and reduce its dependence on foreign oil but also inspire other nations to do the same. They have started various Environmental services and plans to promote renewable energy production. Solar America Initiative, California Solar Initiative, green Power Initiative etc are various policies undertaken by the United States.

2. The United Kingdom

United Kingdom's offshore energy

Renewable energy sources contribute for 6.7% of electricity generated in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom has got one of the best energy resources in the world and the government is planning to establish new plans and opportunities to expand renewable energy sector. Most of the renewable energy will be generated by offshore wind because most of the coastal areas of the United Kingdom are tremendously breezy.

3. Germany

Germany's Renewable Energy

Germany has been stated as the world’s first major Renewable Energy Economy. The government is planning to completely switch to the renewable energy by 2030 and so. Creating new renewable energy sources and smart grids will reduce the country’s energy consumption by 28 percent in next 20 years. By 2020, wind energy will contribute fifteen percent, bio-energy eight percent and hydro-power four percent to renewable energy resources. Various policies are being adopted by the government and various R&D being established to promote renewable energy generation.

4. India

India's renewable energy

India has demonstrated significant progress in the power generation from renewable sources in recent years. Hydro, Thermal and Nuclear sectors generate almost 144,530 MW of energy. The major renewable sources in India are solar, wind, hydel, waste and biomass. Availability of large amount of agricultural waste, cow dung, bagasse, seeds, etc., make bio-mass one of the major renewable resource in India. The wind power potential of India is about 45,000 MW which could be increased substantially once the technology of installing turbines in sea is embraced.

5. Sweden

Sweden's Renewable energy

Sweden is planning to take the biggest energy initiative by trying to completely discontinue oil consumption with next 15 years. Sweden government is fully prepared to lead an oil free economy. Their motive is to respond the climatic changes and increasing petroleum prices, after it was badly hit by oil prices in 1970s. Sweden researchers are producing vehicles that are powered using ethanol and bio-fuels. Sweden produces 44.4% of its energy from renewable sources.

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