5 Tips for Making Your Wedding A “Green” Affair

Making Your Wedding A “Green” Affair

Save Money, And Be A Good Steward

Having a lavish wedding and being in harmony with the environment is totally something you can do. It’s easier to conceive than achieve, however. Human beings do have a duty to be good stewards.

That means not making too much of a mess, and cleaning up afterward. It’s okay to have a knock-down drag-out party—you’ve just got to clean up after. Following, we’ll explore five tips that can help you have a more environmentally friendly marriage.

  1. The “Spartan” Approach
    little cocktail dress

    Spartan wedding design might be advisable. Essentially, you cut out all the fat. You don’t need some multi-thousand-dollar dress with a train the length of Canada. You can get a fine little cocktail dress and put your hair in a bun. Likewise, formalwear that isn’t of that top-tier expensive kind can be your design. Decorations can likewise be basic. This cuts waste.

  1. Crowd-Sourcing The Affair

    A crowd-sourced wedding through a group such as Plumfund, or a wedding gift registry repository such as Honeyfund, can give you more resources. Additionally, you help the “crowd-share” economy. This economy sidesteps big-ticket corporations, and keeps purchasing power in the hands of real people. Variety in market options is key.

When you can offset the collateral damages from massive corporations getting a monopoly-like stranglehold on the market, that’s usually going to mean reduced industrial waste somewhere down the line. Crowd-share economies can collaterally help the environment.

  1. Online Dresses Can Be Less Impacting
    Online Dresses Can Be Less Impacting

    As crowd-share economies can act as an offset to the fallout from big-ticket corporations, using online merchants to purchase costumes, décor, or other necessities for your wedding will also have some positive effect on the environment. Totally online stores consolidate production and distribution without requiring a storefront location.

Going with options that are available through online avenues additionally gives you access to increased selection—depending on the situation, of course. One great provider of wedding dresses is Azazie; you can check out their varying options at azazie.

  1. Destination Wedding Offset Potential

    A destination wedding takes place somewhere that’s unconventional. It could be the beach, a forest, or another country—whatever suits you. If you do get married in a foreign land, your first-world resources will represent economic stimulus locally. It turns out that there’s a clear link between pollution and poverty. The greater the poverty, the greater the pollution.

If you’re going to sidestep this, getting married in a country with a smaller economy than your own will extend the buying power of whatever currency you’re using. Additionally, you’ll be injecting economic stimulus into the local economy, if on a small scale. Should such a community become known for weddings, more environmentally friendly enterprises will begin to develop as the community gentrifies.

  1. An Outdoor Approach

    An outdoor wedding won’t be good for the environment

    An outdoor wedding won’t be good for the environment if you don’t clean up after yourself; so you’ll want to hire a cleaning operation to do that, because you and your new spouse will have other pressing matters to attend to. Still, doing a wedding and reception outdoors can reduce environmental impact by sidestepping otherwise necessary utilities.

A Wedding That’s Harmonious

There are all kinds of ways to get married. If you’re looking to have a green wedding, certainly the foods, drinks, entertainment, and décor can be sourced from “green” companies. Additionally, you can have a destination wedding, shop online, crowd-source the event, or effect a sort of “Spartan” approach which deliberately diminishes associated pomp and circumstance.

Weddings are important, so is nature, and what many environmental advocates tend to forget is that human beings are part of the world’s ecology, just as animals are. When you’re harmonious at a spiritual level, it will affect your actions. If you want to get that ball rolling right, you might look into green options to help reduce your impact on your wedding day.

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