6 ways to make your commute Environment Friendly

Each day, millions of commuters pile on roads to get to work. Not only does this clog up the roadways, it also adds many metric tonnes of emissions to our environment every day. Even though a lot of people cannot afford to give up their cars to save the planet, there are ways in which the daily commute to work can be made more planet friendly.

1. Use public transportation

For folks who have been raised on a ‘car culture’, trying to get to work using public transportation may come as something of a culture shock. However, most towns and cities around the world have functional and comfortable public transportation systems that connect to major locations around a city or even its outskirts. Commuting to work using public transportation not only helps you shave major chunks off your carbon footprint, it also gives you the time to unwind before and after work and you can use the spare time to read a book, add finishing touches to presentations or even catch up on your sleep if your commute is long and you don’t have to change trains/trams/buses on route.

2. Telecommute and teleconference

Since traveling to and from work is the single biggest contributor to carbon emissions produced by the general public, the best possible way to reduce your personal emissions load would be to skip commute altogether. If you have a particularly long commute, you can always ask your company to allow you to telecommute and work from home full-time or for a few weeks every year. You can also skip traveling to attend meetings and ask for teleconferences to save yourself a lot of time, money and carbon emissions. In fact, in countries like UK, more than 4.2 million people work from home. Then why this can’t be made possible in other countries too?

3. Carpool

If you cannot avoid commuting to work in a car, try your best to get into a carpool. Not only will this allow you to squeeze into the carpool lane and beat traffic, it will also help you, your friends and colleagues reduce carbon emissions.

4. Go hybrid or electric

If you absolutely cannot stand sharing your personal space with others and don’t have any other option but to take your car to office, then you must consider investing in a hybrid or all-electric car. Not only do these vehicles help you reduce your emissions, they may also help you get premium parking space and save tones on money on taxes.

5. Get a two wheeler

Another easy way to reduce the amount of fuel you burn and CO2 you emit during your daily commute is to use a two-wheeler. Unless you decide to get yourself a superbike or a fuel guzzling chopper, a two-wheeler could be the perfect alternative to a single person car commute.

6. Bike, jog, walk or skateboard to work

For people who live within a reasonable distance from their offices, biking, jogging, walking, or skateboarding to work can turn out rather well. These are healthty & feasible alternatives to taking a car, a cab, or using public transportation.
Skateboarding, in fact, is the most fun if you ask us. If you’re willing, you could try a fun skateboard from

Apart from being a zero-emissions commute options, biking, jogging, walking or skateboarding to work could also help you save money on hefty gym subscriptions.

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