6 Ways You Can Make Your Home Safe and Healthy for the Entire Family

Integrate Security Cameras

The home is supposed to be a place where you can relax, unwind, and feel safe. But in order to establish a safe place to live, you need to make sure you’re addressing certain areas of concern. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Install an Alarm System

Install an Alarm SystemWant to prevent your house from being the target of a break-in or burglary? The easiest way to do this is by installing an alarm system.

According to one research study, 90 percent of convicted burglars admit they avoid homes equipped with security systems. The study also revealed that 75 percent of criminals think twice before targeting a home if they notice a yard sign or window decal for a home monitoring service.

In other words, an alarm system doesn’t just alert authorities to when a break-in occurs – it can actually prevent them from happening in the first place!

2. Integrate Security Cameras

Having an alarm system with professional monitoring is great, but you can make the system even more effective by integrating security cameras.

Today’s security cameras are inexpensive and easy to install. Many of them are wireless and sync up to a connected app with nothing more than a WiFi connection. And with many leading cameras costing under $100, there’s no excuse not to arm your fortress.

3. Be Mindful of Activity

Smart lightsTry your best to think like a burglar. If you were targeting homes, what would you look for? Homes that show little signs of activity, right?

To prevent being a target of a break-in, make sure your home looks like it’s occupied – even when you’re at work or on vacation. Smart lights – which can operate on timers and schedules – are one good option. You can even purchase devices that mimic the sound and light flashes of a TV to make it look like someone is watching TV in a particular room of the house.

4. Address Indoor Air Quality

Criminal activity isn’t the only thing to keep in mind. Part of keeping your home safe is keeping it healthy. And if there’s one aspect of a home that impacts everyone, it’s the air you breathe.

Poor indoor air quality can lead to a range of short-term symptoms and long-term ill effects. It can be caused by any number of factors, including radon, mold, lead, asbestos, gas, carbon monoxide, chemical solvents, dust, allergens, tobacco smoke, etc.

Depending on which factors are negatively impacting your home’s air quality, there are a number of solutions you can implement to purge the air of contaminants.

5. Babyproof These Key Areas

Cover all outlets and electrical cordsYour house is designed for adults. Though it may be safe for someone with your size and abilities, it can be a challenging environment for an infant or toddler who doesn’t have the same experience, coordination, or size advantages of an adult. Here are some simple ways you can babyproof your house to keep it safe:

  • Cover all outlets and electrical cords with the proper guards.
  • Keep window blind cords tied out of the way so they’re no longer strangling hazards.
  • Install gates at the top and bottom of all staircases.
  • Keep bathrooms locked and secured when not in use.
  • Ensure your water heater’s temperature dial is set to a safe setting.
  • Put locks on all toilets, cabinets, and drawers to keep curious toddlers out.
  • Strap down any tall furniture or bookcases (toppling hazard).

Don’t take anything for granted. What might initially seem safe through your lens could actually be hazardous to a young child. The best time to prepare is before your infant starts crawling.

6. Purchase the Right Insurance Policies

From a financial perspective, smart homeowners purchase the right insurance policies to protect them in case their best-laid plans don’t work out. Meet with an insurance agent or broker and inquire about homeowners policies, umbrella policies, and other safeguards that could help you in a situation where your home and/or family are compromised.

Be a Smarter Homeowner 

Home ownership is one of the great responsibilities in life. As a parent and homeowner, you have a responsibility to protect the children living inside your house. By making smart choices, you can prioritize their health, maximize their safety, and give them every chance to grow up to be happy, productive adults.

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