7 – Energy Sources That Are the Future of Electricity


Whether you are feeling it or not, there is an energy crisis in this world. A shortage of fossil fuels and an increasing global population are making it more difficult to find sustainable sources of energy that are affordable enough to roll out to the masses. A short review of natural gas price history tells us that resources are getting harder and harder to come by.

Researchers, visionaries, and scientists alike are looking for alternative sources of energy that don’t include the use of fossil fuels, and they believe they have found some groundbreaking alternatives; ones that will change the face of energy and electricity on this planet. Let’s take a look at the future of electricity:

1. Carbon capture and sequestration

carbon capture Developing technology that can capture carbon as a byproduct of power plants and save it for future use promises to be one of the next best alternatives for energy and electricity. Pilot coal plants in both the United States and Australia have the attention of other researchers around the globe—one of the aspects of this alternative that needs further study is the integrity of carbon as it lies in wait for future use.

2. NextGen nuclear power

Since the 2011 Fukushima disaster in Japan, the entire nuclear power industry has been concerned with finding safer methods of nuclear power creation and distribution. Initiatives include the creation of smaller reactors that are spread over a larger geographical area, placement of reactors in offshore locations, and remote operation that puts fewer people at risk. As we seek options for cleaner nuclear energy, we are beginning to realize just how powerful it has the potential to be.

3. Offshore wind

wind farm The movement for wind turbine energy has grown exponentially over the last ten years, and it promises to do even more in the next ten to twenty years. Offshore wind turbine placement is much more efficient than land placement; the country of Denmark takes the lead on this with over 50 percent of the country being powered by turbine energy by the year 2020. Other countries follow suit in their pursuit of clean and efficient energy.

4. Nuclear fusion

This is indeed the Holy Grail of clean energy. Nuclear fusion is the ultimate in energy potential that has the capability to change the face of electricity distribution on this planet. The process of harnessing the same chemical reaction of the sun can potentially provide massive amounts of clean energy at little cost to the consumer.

5. Geothermal energy

geothermal energy

There is a tremendous potential for harnessing the energy of the earth through geothermal energy. Even now, energy is being harnessed from volcanoes in Iceland, where thermal heat is much hotter than other places on earth. Furthermore, massive pockets of geothermal heat are available for offshore underwater drilling. It is projected that the Juan de Fuca ridge just off of Washington state is one of these potential sources of geothermal gold.

6. Solar fuel

The use of solar fuel involves capturing carbon dioxide and splitting them up into usable byproducts of carbon, hydrogen, and water. It is the very same components that make up fossil fuels that we currently use. Figuring out how to harness and store this type of energy has limitless potential, making scientists and researchers incredibly excited about its development.

7. Space technology

Space technologyWhile harnessing power source in space is still considered science fiction right now, there is talk of harnessing hydrogen from the moon to power fuel cells on Earth. Additionally, placing solar-absorbing material in space for orbit, later to be projected back to Earth as an energy source is in the first stages of development. Both NASA and US Naval research are incredibly excited about the potential that both of these sources hold for electricity on planet Earth.

Energy saving tips for homeowners

Turn off the lightsIf you are a homeowner looking to save some money on your energy bill, consider these tips for more responsible and ethical energy use:

  • Use dryer balls to reduce dryer time.
  • Wash clothes using cold water.
  • Replace light bulbs with energy saving options.
  • Adjust your thermostat to hold a more constant temperature year-round.
  • Turn your water heater down.
  • Shut lights off when leaving a room.
  • Install ceiling fans in rooms to keep cooling costs down.
  • Call your electric company to see if they have tips for saving energy in your home.

Making small but consistent changes will allow you to see significant gains in your energy savings costs. Making small but consistent changes will allow you to see significant gains in your energy savings costs. Consider using energy comparison sites, which will help you choose affordable electric providers around your locality. For instance, if you reside in Connecticut, such sites will help you get the best electric rates in CT.

As responsible citizens, we all need to work together to both find and use renewable energy sources that are clean, efficient, and low cost in order to reduce our carbon footprint. Taking care of planet Earth will ensure that she takes care of us, allowing us to maintain our mutually beneficial relationship for years to come.

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