7 Stunning swamps on our planet


Swamps are as much part of the ecological systems as are mountains, rivers, deserts, etc. and they support unfathomable life forms. We might not realize the primeness of existence of alien life forms that go past us for we don’t belong in their world. Their doors seem impeccable to permeate and better left alone. But what if you got an opportunity to take a close look? You’ll be surprised at discovering the latent incorruptible beauty that lies within. Let’s take a look at the seven most beautiful swamps across the world.

1. Candaba Swamp, the Philippines

Candaba Swamp

One of the most exotic wetlands in the world, the Canaba Swam is spread across 32,000 hectares nestled amidst swamps, fresh water ponds and marshes. It forms one of the most important bird sanctuaries visited by 17,000 migratory birds every year and is monitored by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). The swamp is a seasonal phenomenon which serves wildlife inhabitants during the wet season and during the dry season, lasting from November to April; the farmers use it for cultivating rice and watermelons.

2. Tigris- Euphrates Swamp, West Asia

Tigris- Euphrates

Ecologically, one of the most important swamps of the West Asia surrounded by a desert and a part of the Tigris- Euphrates river system; it serves the water requirements of the Prussian gulf area. For being strategically located, serving a desert, it has become a hot bed for political war between Turkey, Syria and Iraq. Saddam Hussein even went to the extent of attempting to re set the route of Rivers rein over of local economy.

3. The Pantanal, Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia

The Pantanal

Derived from the colloquial Portuguese word, pantano, Pantanal means swamp. Pantanal covers between 1, 40,000 to 1, 95,000 square kilometers, forming the largest wetland in the world. Maximum portion of the wetland lies in Brazil and the rest is divided between Paraguay and Bolivia. The vastness of the area allows it to accommodate within itself many ecosystems. It is home to more than 10,000 migratory birds and also homes many species of reptiles and mammals.

4. Okefenokee Swamp, Florida and Georgia, USA.`

Okefenokee Swamp

The largest Peat-based swamps of North America and also the seventh natural wonder of Georgia, the Okefenokee Swamp covers 438,000 acres of land. The swamp is a product of accumulation of peat over 6500 years. Recently it got endangered due to titanium mining , but was eventually saved when people took to protests.

5. Atchafalaya Basin, Louisiana, USA

Atchafalaya Basin

The sparsely inhabited wetland, Atchafalaya Basin, happens to be the largest swamps in USA. The wetland is feature with both swaps and marshes that are typical of wetlands and a naturally evolved delta system. The flood waters in the swamp pose ecological challenges and to stop this phenomenon the area is being barged with natural levees.

6. Bangweulu Swamps, Zambia

Bangweulu Swamps

Part of the Congo River basin Zambia, Bangweulu has been recognized as a heavenly place “where the water sky meets the sky”. The swamp consumes maximum area of the Bangweulu river system and through its lagoons and channels checks the river from flooding. The swamp has been inhabited by many tribes all through centuries due its productive endowment and each tribe has its own legendary stories about life in the swamps.

7. The Great Dismal Swamp, Virginia and North Carolina, USA

The Great Dismal Swamp

“What’s in the name” can be aptly used for the Dismal Swamp. There was a time long ago when the swamp was a prey to water logging and bad management, but since the intervention of the union Camp Corporation of Franklin intervened and passed The Dismal Swamp Act, 1974, it’s no longer a murky underwater swamp. Harmful human activities have dwindled ever since and it safely harbors the black bear, 200 bird species and many other reptiles.

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