8 Small Things You Can Do Every Day to Protect the Environment

8 Small Things You Can Do Every Day to Protect the Environment

Now, more than ever, it’s important that we take the steps to help our vulnerable environment. While many people believe that only large actions can help protect the environment, it’s little daily habits that can make one of the biggest differences. So, take a break from scheduling your travel with, and let’s get into 8 small things you can do every day to help protect the environment.

1. Recycle

It should come as no surprise that recycling can help protect the environment. It’s an effective and easy way to conserve valuable resources and reduce waste. Do your research on what materials can be recycled in your city and make time to separate them before throwing them in your bin.

2. Pick Up Trash

If you see trash on the street or in a parking lot, it takes mere seconds to pick it up. So often, we walk by trash without a second thought. However, picking up trash when you see it helps to prevent it from entering water sources or being ingested by animals.

3. Volunteer

There are plenty of environmental agencies that you can volunteer with. Volunteering is a small thing that greatly impacts the environment. Spend some time researching volunteer opportunities in your area – you won’t regret it!

4. Share Information

One of the best things you can do to protect the environment is as easy as clicking “share” on environmental information. You want to spread awareness of the environment’s current state and offer information to others on what they can do to help protect it. One of the best ways to do this is by sharing information on social media.

5. Use Reusable Bags

You may have seen that viral image of a plastic bag at the bottom of the ocean. Plastic bags are incredibly harmful to the environment as they often end up on land or in the ocean, which has damaging effects on the planet. In fact, “studies have found that bans on plastic bags in cities in the United States and Europe have decreased the amount of plastic litter in nearby waters.” That’s why using reusable bags is a great way to help protect the environment.

6. Turn Off Lights

Turning off your lights will not only save you money on your electric bill, but it also helps to protect the planet. It helps to reduce the damaging effects of harmful greenhouse gases like carbon emissions. This is one of the simplest methods for protecting the environment that you can do every day.

7. Reusable Water Bottle

Similar to plastic bags, you can reduce your use of plastic by purchasing an eco-friendly, reusable water bottle. There’s no need to waste so much plastic on water bottles when you can easily carry water in something that’s more sustainable.

8. Reduce Meat Consumption

One of the most effective things that you can do to help protect the planet is to reduce your meat consumption. By reducing your meat intake or cutting it out entirely, you’re helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as “about three-quarters of greenhouse gas emissions of the food system are due to animal products, most of which are beef.”

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