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The air inside of your home is always being cycled out with newer, fresher air that is pumped in by your air systems. This air comes from the outside where they may be any number of pathogens, contagions, dust, dirt, sand, mold, bacteria, viruses, allergens or pollutants. These particles are problem for your home and lower the indoor air quality over time. You want the air to come in fresh and clear, so air filters are installed at regular rates over time. If they are not, then your home faces problems as a whole.

New Air Filters Over Time

Air FilterThe air pumped in by your system is cleaned as it passes through the air filters and into your home. The filters themselves are actually made of a tight mesh weaving. It is ergonomically designed to allow air through while capturing and absorbing any passing particles. This process is what makes the air in your home smell so fresh and clean, because it is. However, the particles add up over time and will eventually become a problem. When this is the case, you will need to install new air filters in order to prevent problems with the incoming air.

The air coming inside of your home isn’t just automatically clean. Air filters that become dirtier in the process clean it up. The now dirty air filters are not capable of processing air correctly, which is a problem for your home. Without fresh air, your home will suffer from troubles of stagnation and dryness. The air inside will also be unable to filter out, which leads to problems inside since the particles will not cycle out.

Indoor Air Quality

For homes with smokers or pets, the resulting particles will fill your home and cover any open surfaces they can. Particles like these that are normally absorbed or captured by air filters will remain out in the environment if the filters are already dirty. You will also face complications with billing since dirty air filters cause a strain on your home air systems. Since air is not coming through, the air systems will try to push the airflow through the blockage to try to keep it coming in smoothly.

When the systems increase their efforts to push airflow through, it causes mechanical wear and a rise in energy billing over time. Since the air systems are working at full strength, they also use more energy, and that requires additional payments. It is cheaper to simply buy new air filters periodically and install them so that there are less difficulties.

Installing New Air Filters

Air FilterYour home will need new air filters over time in order to keep the air flowing free from any issues. Pick out the correct MERV rating and the order the correct air filters sizes so that they will fit comfortably into your home. Order new air filters today and make sure that the air coming in remains fresh and clean.

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