Brazil creates buffer zone to save Atlantic coast coral reefs

off atlantic coast coral reefs

The coral reefs across the world are destroying dramatically, due to either risng ocean temperatures or human invasions. And, this in turn is rising concerns among scientists. The Brazilian government has taken an effective initiative to protect the biologically rich South Atlantic coral reefs – it has created an official buffer zone around the Abrolhos National Marine Park.

The Brazil’s Institute of Environment and Natural Resources (IBAMA) has created this buffer zone. The zone protects about 95,000 square kilometers, an area, if compared to Portugal, is larger than it. It protects the entire Abrolhos region off Brazil’s central coast, which includes various coastal and marine ecosystem types. This also includes the unique and endangered species there — such as the humpback whales.

This initiative of the government has saved 100,000 people, who directly earn their living from these natural resources.

Via: Biology News

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