3 Eco Friendly Gifts for a More Sustainable Holiday

Eco Friendly Gifts for a More Sustainable Holiday

In 2023, more people are resolving to live more environmentally conscious, sustainable lifestyles than ever before. From cutting down on single use items to pledging to follow a plant based diet, many people are pleading to take action everyday to cut down on the amount of waste they produce and harm they contribute to the planet. A great way to help your loved ones live a more sustainable life while allowing yourself to gift with a clean conscious is by opting for eco-friendly gifts this Christmas. Eco-friendly gifts are also a great way to ensure that you are gifting unique items; perfect for friends and family who are tough to shop for because they seemingly have it all. Whether you work as a business executive or a contractor for a company like, here are some sustainable gifts for your loved ones that won’t break your budget.

1.  High End Food Composter

Composting food is one of the best things you can do to reduce waste and make your day to day life more sustainable. While composting has previously been a fairly difficult and unsightly process, there are numerous modern composters available on the market that feature a sleek, elegant design and look chic enough to be stored right on your kitchen counter. Compost your food scraps, fruit peelings, and even coffee beans or tea bags easily in your own kitchen!

2.  Zero Waste Starter Kit

Many people dream of living a sustainable, zero-waste lifestyle in which they effectively cut out the use of single use plastic and paper products. While this can be a great way to help the environment, it can be quite difficult to get started in doing this as many people do not have the reusable items they need to make the switch from single use items. A zero waste starter kit contains necessary items like reusable beauty products, kitchen storage, and more, and serve as a great place for people to begin following their no waste journeys.

3.  Reusable Drinkware

For the coffee lover or frequent Starbucks customer in your life, investing reusable drinkware like cups, mugs, and straws can help them to greatly reduce the amount of waste they produce in their daily lives from single use paper or plastic items. Plus, many reusable mugs and cups come in adorable patterns and designs, making this a gift that anyone is sure to appreciate.

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